Dalbello LUPO AX 120

Dalbello LUPO AX 120
Brand: Dalbello
Modelyear: 2018 - 2019
Weight: 1500 gram
(Official information from Dalbello)

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sn (Guest)
Fits like a glove (custom liner, heat mold), light and solid use both up- and downhill.

Could use a little more forward lean. Working on either custom lever or a 3D printed piece under the lever. The plastic feels soft, clear signs of use after 20+ days (50% touring).

A high-quality boot that does what it promises. The only weakness for me is the forward lean but nothing that is not solvable.

Model year: 2019
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+ Fits my feet
+ Easy in relation to performance
+ Cozy flex with third part shell
+ Interchangeable tongues and soles
+ Superb good gait without tongue, all right with heavy so I usually let them sit.
+ Simple and stable yaw function
+ Center clip that provides good grip
+ Tech Compatible

-Little soft / soft plastic, the contact points to the bindings are considerably faster than on other ski boots I tested earlier. (However, he has not tested turf boots before).
- The soles are quickly eaten if you go on bare ground, but these can be changed.
- The 120-tongue e too soft for me, but would have liked to see that Dalbello did a little bit more rigid than his 130a, nothing I managed to find.

 A top boots for funds for skilled skiers who want to be able to perform the meat but at the same time be able to enjoy uphill. Definitely the best booty I tested, but I would have liked it to be a little heavier to flatter. Unfortunately, it does not feel like a ski boot that keeps giant when the plastic is worn fairly quickly.

 After several years in too big boots and ruined ski days I had had enough. Made as you should and went to a good shop with knowledgeable people and went from there with these. Fit my relatively wide feet well from the start but still needed warming to a little small fix, a visit to the late ones perfect. Roughly, I have quite poor technology, but is quite strong and weighs around 100 boilers and unfortunately I quickly noticed that the tongue that came with was far too soft for me. Now I drive with the black tongue from the 130 models and it fits me well most of the time. The ski boot is lightweight but stable and a good compromise for me mostly goes hard in or near the lift system with heavy stable skis but who like to jolt up sometimes with the same heavy skis.

Model year: 2018