Dalbello PANTERRA 120 ID

Dalbello PANTERRA 120 ID
Brand: Dalbello
Modelyear: 2018
Weight: 1870 gram
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(Official information from Dalbello)

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08/03/2018 (Modified: 27/03/2018)
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Direct contact and the feel between the shin and the loose. Has a high angle but had no problem getting space.

Not quite dense. May be cheeky to get out of the nose when the buckle over the footrest can overlap the tongue and then have to bend back the yellow overlapping part of the buckle. Legate and burned with ski slopes in Val d'Isere for a week and then the support under the toe of the toy (orange plastic) is creepy as this is not poised against the shawl's shawl. Bad construction when you seem to have saved the plastic to reduce weight or to save material.

Has a wide width and needs to read two times. The front waist where the advertisement can change the width at the front seems to be just a promotional trick. Comfortable and comfortable inside without being too soft. The poop's strength is to get direct contact between the shin and the loose and not like a normal pants where there may be a gap depending on how to tense. Even though you tighten tight, the paw is not dumb but you have a progressive "support" of the plank and reduce the risk of problems with the bones. With the waist buckle, you do not have to tighten the bottom without the foot sitting in place and feeling tight without the foot cramping. Put this a boosterstrap that increases your flat contact. The negative is that the pants are not completely dry, but the inner shoe becomes wet at the front and at the heel. Have previously run with 130 flex on other pants but feel no difference.

Model year: 2016