Dynafit TLT 7 Expedition CR

Dynafit TLT 7 Expedition CR
Brand: Dynafit
Modelyear: 2020
Weight: 1130 gram
Manufacturers description
The revolutionary TLT7 Expedition Speed Touring boot is the ideal choice for every ambitious ski tourer who puts a premium on getting up the mountain fast and light. This touring boot's ascent performance has been greatly improvement with the Speed Nose and a setback pivot point. That helps you save energy for the descent. The Ultra-Lock 3.0 System makes it possible to transition between Fit / Walk / Ski modes with the adjustment of just one buckle. Also, the new Master Step Insert enables easier entry -- up to 50% easier in comparison to the Quick-Step-In Insert. Improved strength and precision power transmission on the descent is ensured with the carbon fiber-infused Lambda Frame and the Power Strap.

(Official information from Dynafit)

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25/03/2020 (Modified: 01/04/2020)
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Awesome gait
Enough stable to be able to stand on perform
Easy to switch between walking and riding mode

A little difficult to get proper pressure over the foot due to the cable lock

A crucially capable top-flight damper that lies in the span just above, by weight, the really distinctive lightweight boots.
Easy adjustment from walking to riding position with only one grip at the calf.
The cable lock that runs through the entire lower part of the boot and tightens up at the calf makes it difficult to get really tight racefit over the foot. However, no problems with getting the foot stuck to a good fit.
Generous read and plenty of toe space. So if you are looking for a tough, racially friendly ski boot, this is the wrong choice.
The CR inner shoe is slightly thicker than the CL fold giving an opportunity to get to the fit better but the disadvantage is that it gives a little extra weight.
Speednose allows the attachment points for the toe portion of the tie to fall further back than the ski boots but toe tag, which provides a more natural step when touring. Not so much difference in how much boot you need to lift but it feels like you are standing on toe in the sock patch instead of standing on toe in boots.

The thin power strap has a simple system for tensioning and lightening even with gloves on. However, I think it works just as well to let it sit tense all the time because the movement moon in the shaft is so good.

For cast iron, you need a special adapter because they have no lip. However, these are not suitable for all cast iron. Another option is to choose Dynafit's own cradle with Cramp-in system. Attaches directly under the boot and no strap over toe is not needed.

Model year: 2019