K2 Pinnacle 110

K2 Pinnacle 110
Brand: K2
Modelyear: 2019
Flex: 110
Manufacturers description
The Pinnacle 110 houses all the tech of its stiffer brethren but in a more forgiving flex. Our tech fittings are integrated into the shell of the boot to accommodate both DIN-alpine and tech bindings, and our Synchro Interlock walk/touring mode provide maximum comfort and versatility on the skin track, the descent, and even through the parking lot. Those with wide feet will appreciate the option to choose between a 100mm and 102mm last, and optional Vibram® outsoles provide maximum grip on snow and off (sold separately). The asymmetrical toe box fits the natural curvature of your fore foot and toes to ensure a proper fit, and a removable power wedge gives 12 or 14 degree forward lean options.

(Official information from K2)

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Riley (Guest)
Great walk mode; have been finding it awesome and super helpful for hiking and touring, and has a really good stiffness for when you ski, keeping your feet firmly in place. The latches are all easy to use and the bottom of the boot is really grippy, which also helps to keep the snow from building up and compacting underneath .

The retailer I got them from measured my foot and told me what size to get, so I went with his suggestions and had them boot fitted to the shape of my foot. Sadly, the first run of the season was a terrible one. Both feet were horrendously sore and was not enjoying the first few days of skiing. I was really dissapointed and I have had to take the sole out and wear super thin socks to make it better. Maybe the boot was just not suited for my foot shape? But I do suggest you go for a size up with what it says.

Overall, could not have asked for much better (apart from the sizing) but would recommend to anyone around advanced/early-expert who is very keen on touring in the backcountry.

Model year: 2018

Magnus Sydhagen
Magnus Sydhagen (Guest)
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Stable with good flex when needed.
Nice walk ski boot.
Good adjustment!

Something difficult to step out of but it does happen over time.

A good ski boot for most things.

Model year: 2019
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Lovely to wear the pants a whole day without having to climb them.

Something difficult to get in and out
More adjustment of the buckle on the ankle

Has transitioned from telemark to alpine for the 2017-18 season and found these as a replacement from BD Push.
Same flex like similar feeling, hard to compare with 6 year old pants.
The few real scratches I've had with (most time in the babybacks or green-blue) have felt really stable. Orkar twisted around a pair of Katana of the 2011 model in the highly regarded semioffpist without any problems.
The situation is quite ok for an allmountain pants, in line with BD Push.

In summary, it's a joke that's ok at most without being the best at anything.
Okay for lucky but no topscoop.
It's okay if you do not drive stone hard.

Model year: 2016