K2 Pinnacle 130

Brand: K2
Modelyear: 2018

Manufacturers description
The Pinnacle 130 is the highest performance freeride boot in K2’s collection. We’ve combined free skier’s choice with modern alpine performance to meet your needs before you even know you need them. K2’s popular Precision Fit Tour Light heat-moldable liner system pops perfectly into this Synchro Interlock design for all-day comfort as well as the painless release and range of motion found in today’s touring boots.

Flex: 130
Sizes: 24,5 - 30,5

(Official information from K2)

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Robin Törnqvist
Robin Törnqvist (Guest)
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Styv, good gauge, nice inner shoe, plus laces on the innerskon

Something cold

All in all, a very good pants, works very well to go up as well as to do hard work in both pow pow and in a rocky pist of GS skis under the soles. Top Rated

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Good "angles". Thinking about shackle connection, gauge mode. The flex is, in my case, completely clockwise. Does not feel directly like a soft 130, relative to a panty without gauge. Good inner shoe that can be heated for better fit. Innskon has better materials from 2017, making it easier to get in and out which was not quite trivial in the previous model I had (2015).

Have had problems with a previous model year where the toe part broke around the tech insert. No problem with the 2017 model though. Not directly super easy.

A very good pants that, despite the walking function, seem to be smuggling on a slightly more "aggressive" shank angle. Be at Tecnica Cochise or Long XT first but they gave me an upright position for my taste. Would probably not have them as dedicated turpjäxa because of the importance. But they work well for a hobby-traveler like me I would say, for shorter lifter tours or single day trips. In short, I would say it is a very good free-jumping jersey with ok ride functionality. A little uncertain about the quality but there was no problem with the complaint and the model I have now worked without any problems.

Model year: 2017
Tommy (Guest)
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Many smart solutions. Fairly hard and good fit for me with the wide reading. Warm and hot. Good gauge mode that is easy to switch to. Like the top buckle. Allround for me who mostly piss if you should be completely honest.

Aten heavy. Maybe got a Monday copy, but more have had the same problem - at least load (backweight), the boot will flip to the hole position (upright).

Had all the funkat so it could get a 4th, but due to problems with the current situation it will be a 2nd. Lucky for me to break at once and not after half a year, or halfway down the dream.

Model year: 2014