Nordica Beast 12

Brand: Nordica
Modelyear: 2005

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Just went with them 10 days, but so far I have no uncomfortable feelings. No pain. Nothing bad. No cramps. No numbness. No pressure on the wrong places.
With a molded sole and thermo-shaped inner shoe, it suits me perfectly. This is the most individual, but those who have feet like me: quite tall, narrow with narrow ankle and fairly protruding bumps, should find this pants fit.
What a flex you want is also very individual, so it feels a bit unnecessary to comment. I myself go offpiste, in all its circumstances, and it feels so soft, but also pretty hard. Can adjust the flex between 90 and 100, but in the name of honesty you do not feel a big difference. (Unnecessary function?)
The buckles are properly made, completely metallic, of which the risk feels very small that they will meet the same fate that my old salmon meets, that is, the 2 buckles burst the same day.
They are very easy and comfortable to climb in and out and the whole design feels smooth and easy to handle. Overall, it's a very nice pants, (according to me), and the so-called "shockerasern" works well.

It feels a bit unnecessary to review boots as it is so incredible individually, and even more superfluous feels the grade. But I assume how they are sitting on my feet, and there they sit as the condom. The only I with good conscience can recommend these boots to are those who have exactly the same feet and yoke like me, and how many do they have ....?