Salomon Shift Pro 130

Salomon Shift Pro 130
Salomon Shift Pro 130
Brand: Salomon
Modelyear: 2022
Flex: 130
Last size: 100 mm
Weight: 1670 gram
Manufacturers description
A boot that is developed for skiers who love untracked powder at high speed but who are also attracted by occasional trips to new peaks. Here, the stability and power of a genuine alpine ski is combined with the versatility of a ski touring ski that allows you to enjoy the whole mountain. In or off the piste - it has never been easier to vary!

(Official information from Salomon)

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Roo (Guest)
Reasonably light for a performance boot. Great for travel.

None to speak of

Primarily a performance boot for hard chargers who want a light boot with walk mode for walking to your favourite stash.

Model year: 2022
Kaz Yamada
Kaz Yamada (Guest)
Light weight


Great performance boots

Model year: 2021
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- Nothing I came up with.

Like all boots, it's very much about fit for your particular foot and here Salomon works well for me, which does not really say whether the boot is good or bad. A wide read but a little too low volume over the ankle for me where I need to put more work. Enough about fit.
Even though it is a ski that works great for a summit trip, it has a hard flex and I like that. The heel grip is the best I have experienced.
The boot feels well made and all details are solid.
I myself like that I come when the ski when the outsole is thinner than my previous boots.
I have not experienced any problems with walk / ski mode but I think that probably applies to all hybrid boots nowadays.
The boot is not super light but for a few days of touring it is light enough. The performance on the piste is perfect for 99% of everyone and just enough for me who pushes relatively hard.

Model year: 2021
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+ Weight
+ Walking mode
+ Wider boot
+ Good compromise between alpine / hiking. Or hardly any compromise if you like offensive free riding. Better than my previous pure alpine ski alpine.
+ Easy to get in and out

-Missing the buckles from the cochin that could be set up
-Otherwise I can not think of anything ...

Bought on occasion Tecnica Cochise 130 DYN and realized that they do not fit my flat feet. Then I did as I should and went to a good boot shop and tried out the Salomon Shift Pro 130. According to the guy in the shop, this has the "kindest" fit of all freeride / tour in 130 design, which matched well on my picky fosingar. The boot is slightly wider, which fits a flat or wide foot. After more than five days of alpine skiing, the boot feels above expectations! Squeezes slightly around the heel but certainly transient. Have not taken them out on a trip yet but guess they will be just as good there too!

Overall very happy so far ... :)

Model year: 2021