CAMP Stalker universal crampons

Brand: CAMP
Modelyear: 2017

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A good packing bag, adjustable to several shoe sizes, easy to put on.

For ski jerseys, these ladders (crampons) are completely useless. Being universal and wearing all kinds of boots is an enormous weakness. When you climb snow and maybe have a steep and rocky mountain side, you do not want to have a pair of staircases to suit everyone, but a couple that fits perfectly with your waterfalls.

The Italian manufacturer's Camp's defense should be said: My purchase of these was extremely fast and, as in the aftermath, this was an eye-catching eye. I prioritized the price and they looked simple and good. These rods are really for boots and hiking boots, not primarily for ski boots. A total miscalculation like this afterwards when I in principle risked life (at least felt like ...) on the Urner Haute Route between Andermatt and Engelberg because of these prytslar. As we climbed in the snow, the ladders began to slip off the toe of the toy, which gave a shake because the fall risk type increased by ten times.

A pair of sticks that are cheap in purchase (SEK 799 via online shop in Sweden when I bought them).
On ski boots, the rods are not fixed properly, which is my opposition to them. In retrospect, I understand that they are mainly for boots .... curtain. Just want to take this opportunity to say: Do you buy staircases? Test your fit before you get out and start climbing with them and buy a pair of light, good as you have the rest of your skiing life.