Offpist / Freeride Skis 2007


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Kneissl Tanker 2007
Kneissl Tanker
A »wide body« Freerider with an enormous power surface for deep powder terrain where there isn't a track to be seen. World Champion title at the Powder 8 competitions in Canada 2004! Features & technical specifications: ABS Sidecut Sand...
Movement GOLIATH 2007
Movement GOLIATH
Evariste Berney’s ski. Actually, a fat ski was missing in our collection … and here comes the majestic goliath.A ski meant for powder, and for curve-killers inhabited to speed higher than 1000 km/h .. a must for the most requiring riders.We have been...
Movement POW POW SWALLOW 2007
Same ski as last year with a softer flex in order to make him more comfortable in deep snow. The va-tech system has now been applied on the ski.
Amplid Infrablack 2007
Amplid Infrablack
Model “Infrablack” Big Mountain Ski Probably the lightest fat ski on the market. Our Amplid Helio Core, home grown carbon fibre and things we don’t wanna talk about make the Infrablack the superlight big mountain weapon on our white planet. Han...
Extrem Patriot 191 2007
Extrem Patriot 191
The new and improved dampening technology, our state-of-the-art carbon construction with low angle ABS side walls and our unique visco-elastic membrane. This gives the Patriots the feel of a car with hydralic suspension. Also Sweet O's bigger br...
Prior Doughboy 2007
760 $
Prior Doughboy
The Doughboy is a modern, high- performance POWDER ski that will keep your legs fresh on those snorkel-deep days. Conditions The Doughboy reigns supreme in the complete gamut of powder conditions yet is versatile enough to handle groomers and var...
Movement POWPOW 2007
Movement POWPOW
Now nothing is impossible. Discover untracked powder and with complete trust in your skis find nirvana the other side of the sound barrier. The POW POW is the ski for the job. Exciting, yet well behaved it will share with you the mountains steepest a...
Elan M1111 (QuadOne) 2007
999 $
Elan M1111 (QuadOne)
Sven X Olofsson´s secret weapon. This bad boy is designed for one thing and one thing only, to surf the mountain. The new Quad One offers a tip to fishtail woodcore construction, the distinctive fishtail sums up the new freeride approach from Ela...