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43 skis

1248 $
The Duret Monstre Fat Series is par excellence the ski for deep powder. The fatest skis of the world! 170 to the skate, reserved for helitrips and for immaculate fields of powder. Ski, slip, fly, whatelse to say... Everything to a direct price ma...
Amplid Infrablack 2007
Amplid Infrablack
Model “Infrablack” Big Mountain Ski Probably the lightest fat ski on the market. Our Amplid Helio Core, home grown carbon fibre and things we don’t wanna talk about make the Infrablack the superlight big mountain weapon on our white planet. Han...
Kneissl Tanker 2007
Kneissl Tanker
A »wide body« Freerider with an enormous power surface for deep powder terrain where there isn't a track to be seen. World Champion title at the Powder 8 competitions in Canada 2004! Features & technical specifications: ABS Sidecut Sand...
Extrem Big Chief 2007
1100 $
Extrem Big Chief
Imagine to ride a turbocharged Chevy van with 1250 horsepower and 4-wheel drive. That is what the Big Chief is all about. You are the king! There is simply no bad conditions for theese skis, they will get you through with style.
Elan M1111 (QuadOne) 2007
999 $
Elan M1111 (QuadOne)
Sven X Olofsson´s secret weapon. This bad boy is designed for one thing and one thing only, to surf the mountain. The new Quad One offers a tip to fishtail woodcore construction, the distinctive fishtail sums up the new freeride approach from Ela...
Extrem Patriot 191 2007
Extrem Patriot 191
The new and improved dampening technology, our state-of-the-art carbon construction with low angle ABS side walls and our unique visco-elastic membrane. This gives the Patriots the feel of a car with hydralic suspension. Also Sweet O's bigger br...