Skis 2008

Piste (126)
For those who are weak to groomed slopes and loves to be on the cutting edge.
All mountain (135)
For those who are hunting for a pair of skis that works all over the mountain.
Offpist / Freeride (46)
For those of you who love off-piste and expect a lot of snow.
Park & Pipe (94)
For those who plan to spend much time in the park to study all the jumps and rails at close range.
Ski touring (6)
If you are looking for a lightweight and flexible skis that fit when you go on tour.
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34 brands

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414 skis

Head J.O PRO 2008
Head J.O PRO
Jon Olsson´s new model. Wider, lighter, better looking...The rest is up to you...
Völkl Mantra 2008
Völkl Mantra
This ski is unbelievable, awardwinning in tests all over the globe, Mantra is one of the most complete skis on the market. Allround is perhaps the word that describes Mantra best, having a perfect combination of width, torque and longitudinal flex, s...
Völkl Katana 2008
Völkl Katana
The Katana is a completely new ski in Volkls assortment. Closely related to the Mantra when it comes to construction, the Katana continues where the old Sanouk took off. The swallow tail is now covered and the creation of the new powder channel is co...
Dynastar Legend Mythic Rider 2008
Dynastar Legend Mythic Rider
For excellent skiers who love powder, steeps, trees and a challenge. These skiers want flotation, stability, and high performance on every adventure.
Völkl Gotama 2008
Völkl Gotama
With its all new gold design, the legend Gotama takes the next step in order to give true riders great experiences all over the playground. Last years construction development has really paid off, as riders all over the world continue to use Gotama a...
K2 Public Enemy 2008
K2 Public Enemy
The PE was designed and tested by our Factory Team riders as the ideal park and pipe ski with all-mountain versatility. This ski is built with an 85mm waist width, new urethane sidewalls underfoot and the stiffest torsion flex construction in the twi...
K2 Fujative 2008
K2 Fujative
This park tool is built with a unique flex pattern that keeps the ski rigid underfoot for control and stability but soft toward the extremities for presses, ollies and butters. The ski also incorporates a vertical cap construction for control and dur...
K2 Silencer 2008
K2 Silencer
This all mountain pipe and park ski blends ease and forgiveness with all-mountain performance. The Silencer is built for the aspiring twin-tip skier with a slightly narrower footprint and cap construction, making the ski forgiving yet agile.
Völkl Wall 2008
Völkl Wall
The Wall is Völkls first true twintip! Wall is the outcome of close cooperation and development with some of the worlds best jibbers. Wall will most likely affect the way riders will perform their tricks in the future. The hardcore pop stands for its...
K2 Hellbent 2008
K2 Hellbent
This Factory Team inspired backcountry ski incorporates our rocker design into a fully functional twin tip. The HellBent is the fattest ski in our twin tip line with an impressive 150 mm tip and 122 mm underfoot and an elongated tail for switch landi...
K2 Apache Coomba 2008
K2 Apache Coomba
Co-created by Doug Coombs and K2, the Coomba is the next generation powder ski built for adventure. Named in Doug's honor, the Coomba is designed for anyone from serious alpinists to aspiring backcountry/heli skiers. The balanced flex pattern an...
Fischer RX 8 FIRE 2008
Fischer RX 8 FIRE
For true fun racers. The lightweight model with a slalom touch, stable tracking and manoeuvrable. Dynamic sandwich ski featuring racing ski technology for fun in sport. Binding FS 11 RF.
Armada ARG 2008
Armada ARG
The ARG remains a limited production for 07/08 ski season. On the mountain they forever changed how their lucky owners skied deep snow last season. With its patent pending design it stands alone among a plethora of reverse camber, reverse sidecut ski...