Park & Pipe Skis 2011


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K2 Silencer 2011
K2 Silencer
The 2010-11 K2 Silencer is the ultimate all-terrain twin tip. Based on the K2 Extreme dimensions, this new 85 mm vertical sidewall with All-Terrain Rocker ski can handle ripping the entire mountain in any condition or just lapping the park. The Silen...
K2 obSETHed 2011
K2 obSETHed
For 2010-11 Seth Morrison incorporated more Rocker on a new wider 117 mm chassis to create the ultimate tool to charge big mountains and backcountry zones, yet versatile enough (like his previous Pro Models) to ski in the resort. The new Powder Rocke...
K2 Revival 2011
K2 Revival
The all-new 2010-11 K2 Revival ski is the comp ski of choice for Factory Team athletes. It’s rock solid Twin Tech construction combined with ABSorb Sidewalls makes this ski stable enough to rip any terrain forward and to handle the toughest of landin...
333 $
Candide Thovex's backcountry freestyle pro-model ski, the Candide Pow, has been designed to offer ease and fluidity of ride for aspiring backcountry freestyle skiers. Surprisingly comfortable and easy to handle whatever the terrain, the Cand...
K2 HellBent 2011
K2 HellBent
The twin tip that started the “Fat Twin” revolution gets even fatter in 2010-11. The HellBent’s 132mm waist and Powder Rocker Technology provides unrivaled floatation in the deepest conditions and makes switch and regular pow landings feel like anoth...
292 $
New ski freestyle pro-model from Candide Thovex, the Candide Yard, is a 100% freestyle ski aimed at skiers who ride yhe snowpark and the hal-pipe. Developped by and Candide Thovex in person, this Candide Yard ski is light weight yet i...
K2 Domain 2011
K2 Domain
The brand new 10/11 K2 Domain ski is built with park-specific core profile, symmetrical sidecut and center-only mounting position. The result is a true twin tip ski with enhanced pop and pressing ability that skis the same forward or switch. Add Jib ...
Line Sir Francis Bacon 2011
Line Sir Francis Bacon
DESIGNED BY ERIC POLLARD This is Eric’s personal quiver of one. Plenty of width for the pow, tons of stability at speed, and the agility needed to use the entire mountain as his personal terrain park. NEW this year he’s added Early Rise to the tip a...
K2 MissConduct 2011
K2 MissConduct
This lightweight all-mountain ski is perfect for the female skier looking for her first twin-tip or the more advanced athlete looking for a more forgiving alternative to the MissDemeanor. The 2010-11 K2 Missconduct ski’s Bioflex core and Twin Tech co...
K2 Kung Fujas 2011
K2 Kung Fujas
Pep Fujas demanded a Factory Team ski that he could charge every type of terrain with, so our engineers worked with him to develop a wider Kung Fujas for 2010-11. This new Pro Model twin tip is big enough to float and take on the backcountry, yet nim...
Head Mango-Plum 2011
Head Mango-Plum
The ski for kids who aren’t afraid to shake things up. Very durable for hair-raising tricks. Features Sandwich Twintip Construction.
K2 Press 2011
K2 Press
The 2010-11 Press is built with a unique flex pattern that was developed for the Fujative, keeping the ski rigid underfoot while still remaining soft in the tip and tail for presses and increased ollie power. Combine that with Jib Rocker and you have...
CoreUPT TJ PRO 2011
292 $
Winner of the 2009 X Games and 2nd in Big Air 2010, Tj Schiller has designed a new pro-model freestyle ski, perfectly suited to his "massive ride", based on powerful, precision edge control. A pur twin-tip freestyle ski, the Tj Schiller...
Whitedot The one 2011
395 $
Whitedot The one
The One is the ultimate all-rounder; pure all-mountain freestyle perfomance which carves fantastically on the piste though man enough to tackle deep powder and the rough stuff. The ample side cut and torsional rigidity grips the walls of the pipe, ...
Moment Bibby Pro Model 2011
Moment Bibby Pro Model
Josh Bibby knows what he needs. His pro model is a big-mountain freestyle ski that can charge and throw down in all conditions at any time. Now lighter and stiffer thanks to carbon fiber stringers, the new Bibby Pro mimics the old 190 in every size: ...