Park & Pipe Skis 2018


51 skis

Line Sir Francis Bacon 2018
Line Sir Francis Bacon
Refined, redefined but never failing to deliver a true all mountain freestyle approach in this award-winning ski. Less weight, more stability in a sleek profile. The Bacon goes great with everything.
Line Pescado 2018
Line Pescado
pes.' A fish that has been caught. This ski is a fish out of water! A directional surfy ski has been in the mind of EP for years. With bamboo sidewalls, Partly Cloudy Core™, a veneer topsheet with a timeless graphic, the Pescado fuses th...
Movement FLY 105 2018
Movement FLY 105
FLY WITH STYLE is the image and message that we want to share through these skis. The best riders of the moment are skiing this pioneer ski. They are ultra-playful skis which make the impossible possible. The FLY range is for all types of FREESKIERS ...
Line Magnum Opus 2018
Line Magnum Opus
Rising above all freestyle powder skis with an award-winning intuitive edge to edge feel, the Magnum is a playful, yet stable ski with Eric Pollard’s stamp of approval. The new Bamboo sidewalls add more durability for flying into battle with any terr...
Faction Candide 4.0 2018
949 $
Faction Candide 4.0
The CT 4.0 is the one night stand you’ll fall in love with. At 118mm underfoot, this is a lightweight, big-mountain backcountry ski made for the deep days. Its generous rocker, tailored-to-perfection Early Taper and innovative Multi Dimension Sidecut...
K2 Juvy 2018
K2 Juvy
The K2 Juvy is a lighter version of our Shreditor, giving the next generation of shredders the confidence to run fast while their all-mountain imaginations run wild. An ultra-light composite core and forgiving, molded cap construction make for a full...
K2 Marksman 2018
K2 Marksman
From its clean-edged graphics to its modern asymmetrical construction, the K2 Marksman adds a dash of class to any park party. Forged under the eye of K2 Factory Team leader Pep Fujas, this all-terrain slashing ski reflects its maker by integrating i...
Line Mordecai 2018
Line Mordecai
There’s no better platform for a nimble and playful all over the mountain powder ski. Slash it! Butter it! Smear it! This is your tool for all manners of mountain mayhem.
Line Blend 2018
Line Blend
The best mix of personalities without the emotional baggage! Backcountry to park and back, the Blend is your all-in-one tool to slay mid winter pow or send ‘er through spring park laps.
Movement FLY 115 2018
Movement FLY 115
FLY WITH STYLE is the image and message that we want to share through these skis. The best riders of the moment are skiing this pioneer ski. They are ultra-playful skis which make the impossible possible. The FLY range is for all types of FREESKIERS ...
K2 Poacher 2018
K2 Poacher
The Poacher is a celebration of 20 years of K2 athlete-inspired innovation. A Clayton Vila and Sean Jordan collaboration, the K2 Poacher is our flagship tool of choice to poach the streets, icy park, or spring slush. A durable freestyle player both i...
Line Tom Wallisch Pro 2018
Line Tom Wallisch Pro
This is Tom Wallisch’s ski. It goes anywhere Tom does. On chairlifts. On trails. On rails. Off jumps. On airplanes. On podiums. On quad kinks On wall rides. On car rides. get the point. This is a stable ski for jumping on and off things. A C...
Line Honey Badger 2018
Line Honey Badger
The all-new Honey Badger is...well, it don’t give a sh*t. Made to be tough as nails, given a simple design, a bomber bamboo core and an affordable price – this little package has the bite it needs to kick ass in the park, streets and entire mountain....
K2 Sight 2018
K2 Sight
Built for freestyle, the fresh new Sight is wider than previous models for extra hold on icy pipe walls and maching through the flat bottom, as well as stomping big landings. while retailing playfulness for rail switch-ups. Warm up or cool down the ...
K2 Missy 2018
K2 Missy
You can thank this easy-to-ski formula for your little lady shredder’s increased appetite for more blue squares and black diamonds. The Missy is K2’s mini-Luvit, with the same ultra-light composite core and versatile All Terrain Rocker wrapped in for...
Faction Supertonic 2018
779 $
Faction Supertonic
You flash big lines with style, so demand the best when it comes to a hard-charging ski. You’re in luck… the updated Supertonic is made with badass lady shredders like you in mind. A lightweight hybrid balsa flax core built into a progressive, tapere...
Faction Candide 1.0 2018
699 $
Faction Candide 1.0
Whether you’re making sparks on urban handrails at midnight or dialling your style on the biggest features at your local park, the CT 1.0 is going to roll with the hits. A combination of a Carbon Stomp Pad, our thickest XL 2.5mm edges and Anti-chip M...
Cmd The Prototype 2018
632 $
Cmd The Prototype
This one have been in the pipelines for a while. The prototype is a perfect combination of lightness and rigidity without having the feel of a two by four. It is a camber ski with a slight early rise in both tip and tail for carving kickers without g...