4FRNT Renegade

4FRNT Renegade
4FRNT Renegade
4FRNT Renegade
Category: Offpist / Freeride
Level: Advanced
Brand: 4FRNT
Modelyear: 2017
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 137/122/131 mm Turning radius: 35.00 m Weight: 2200 gram (196 cm)
Sizes: 196,186 cm
Price: 718 $
Manufacturers description
Renegade . Our fattest skis , but it has not lost its playfulness!
the Side cut follows the reverse camber perfect, which results in a ski with a 122mm waist which is as good on the wind-slab as in deep powder .

We have used our carbon fiber reinforced Neo Core, which results in a ski stripped of 400grams compared with the previous model. Renegade is now even better for ski touring .

(Official information from 4FRNT)

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What do you think about 4FRNT Renegade?
1 reviews
Christopher (Guest)
- Superb float in the pow
- Stability at speed / no speed limit - also in choppy conditions
- Extremely nimble for its width - can turn this ski on a dime in the soft stuff
- Great for touring (i.e. for +/- 1,000m vert), would recommend mohair skins to maximize glide
- Long tail accommodates back seat landings without that classic washout
- Does a better than expected job on groomers for a ski this wide

- Obviously not too strong on ice (but who skies a powder tool on ice?)
- Full rocker profile translates to a harsher ride in hard conditions than a cambered ski
- Fairly progressive mounting point may not be for everyone (if you’re old school and like to drive the tips, the Renegade will take some getting used to)

In a nutshell, this is the most fun ski I’ve owned. With a pair of Rotation 12s mounted at the factory recommended line, the Renegade has become my go-to out of bounds ride - but I also ski it inbounds, ideally on a fresh layer of snow. I am simply amazed at how nimble it is given how stiff the ski is, and it absolutely rocks in the trees (a pleasant surprise). There is basically no speed limit on this ski and it’s incredibly stable when you give it full beans. Also, the combination of rocker profile and the 30m radius let’s you shut it down quick if needed, quicker than you’d expect. It’s become the ski that I always bring along on ski trips (often as a pair 2) - just in case the conditions are accommodating. On a bluebird powder day, there is no need to look further than the 4FRNT Renegade.

Model year: 2020
Riding style: Powder / touring
Length on the ski: 184 cm
Riders weight: 67 kg
Riders length: 175 cm