Armada ARV 106

Armada ARV 106
Category: Park & Pipe
Level: Advanced
Brand: Armada
Modelyear: 2019
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Lightweight, fun, carvade surprisingly good at the same time as it was somewhat surfing in the little lice I encountered.

Nothing beneath of stability in single.

Went three days at ARV 106 in Zillertal, Austria in February 2018.

The valley slopes were a bit shredded, and the sight was sometimes very bad, which was not the favorite favorite of the ski. However, they were so easy-to-handle that you could compensate for the lack of stability by jerking your feet, jumping over the puckles and the wings.

The day we went up to the Hintertux glacier there were clear blue skies and perfect slopes as well as relatively unspoiled pistachial offpiste. The conditions were perfect. It was possible to load as hard as possible in large, beautiful turns in the wide slopes and on the side of (spring snow) they were very easy to handle.

Even though the skis are not pronounced soft in tip and tail, they were still soft enough to stand still on flat ground, throw body weight backwards while turning to turn 180 degrees at the place. Almost as simple as on my previous Armada B Dog which was significantly softer. I'm definitely no jibber, but I like such little maneuvers and on these it was busy.

I recommend these skis to the jibs who want out in the snow or pistilian who want something fun to go offpiste on but still want the ski to be sensible in the piste. It's almost impossible to bore them.

Model year: 2018
Riding style: Ski / powder
Length on the ski: 180 cm
Riders weight: 80 kg
Riders length: 181 cm