Armada Bubba

Armada Bubba
Category: Offpist / Freeride
Brand: Armada
Modelyear: 2016
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 130/127/132 mm Turning radius: 20.00 m (178 cm)
Sizes: 178,188 cm
Manufacturers description
The BUBBA is the widest ski in Armada’s line, designed for bottomless powder typically found while heli and cat skiing. The BUBBA boasts more effective edge and dramatic tip taper than its predecessor, the legendary ARG, but the same effortless floatation, easy pivot, and unmatched control.

(Official information from Armada)

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2 reviews
float over breakable crust at speed!
excellent round trees
carve quite well on piste
easy turning

a hard ride on chip chop

my favourite ski at present

Model year: 2013
Riding style: prefer off piste whatever the conditions.
Riders weight: 72 kg
Riders length: 187 cm

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Unbelievably playful and fun in forests as well as open spaces. Powerful rocker gives a beautiful flow, while they almost swing themselves by the short span! An incredibly good fetting ski when it's getting a big deal! At the same time, in poor conditions, carva can be stressed as a change in the piste.

They are very soft, so in tougher conditions, they are nothing to recommend. Ostabila at high traffic.

An incredibly good ski that I am very pleased with! Works for me as an allmountain ski as it takes place in both piste and all kinds of terrain. If you go very aggressively, this is probably not the ski for you, but if you're a medium-sized rider with a taste for powder crossing and at the same time do not want to get rid of the transport distances, this is the ski for you.

Is medium-sized rider who gets about 20 days of racing per season. The skis are tested for about 20 days in everything from Hemsedal to Mayrhofen.
Tested Length: 188 cm

Model year: 2013
Riding style: Powder
Riders weight: 76 kg
Riders length: 184 cm