Armada MAGIC J

Armada MAGIC J
Category: Offpist / Freeride
Level: Advanced
Brand: Armada
Modelyear: 2019
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 139/127/135 mm Turning radius: 22.00 m (190 cm)
Sizes: 190 cm
(Official information from Armada)

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Still rated as relatively lightweight, 2250 per skid in 190cm length with a waist of 127mm which is about the same ratio as my Völkl Katana V-Werks.

In spite of everything, it is a relatively big ski, so shortwave requires its effort .....

Was missing a couple in January already and brought them to Japan and they enjoyed them like the fish in the water! :-) It took a while for me to drive in and find the technology, did not drive so much rocker before it was not tailrocker, so it got a little backseat driving at the beginning ..... When I had driven me, I found I'm a playful ski but pretty pop! is a bit of an old Völkl fox and compared to Katana & Kuro, this is much more playful in relation to the Völkl skis, which is more of a charger character. Since I moved over a pair of Marker Tour to these, I also managed to ride and it worked, despite the width of the ski and the little "wrong" character of the bond ....

In the piste I think it's a good edge and it's even really fun to lay in real carving turns and drive through the skid, did not even experience the skid start flattening or the like. But it's clear that with 127mm below the foot it takes a little while to edge ....

If you are going to Japan or Canada, this can be a very good mate, but if you were going to stay in Europe, I would rather have bet on a slightly narrower slide

Length on the ski: 190 cm
Riders weight: 80 kg
Riders length: 181 cm