Armada TRACER 108

Armada TRACER 108
Category: All mountain
Level: Advanced
Brand: Armada
Modelyear: 2019
(Official information from Armada)

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Armada's popular news from last year that, according to test riders, should be an easy-to-operate ski with good grip. So far this year, it has been further improved to find the hard-to-reach balance between weight and performance. More fiberglass has been used in this year's model as well as a reinforcement of the popular material titanal that will give increased durability. In the wood core of Armada Tracer 108 we find poplar and Brazilian caruba that hold the weight. Rider quote: "Easy to ride in messy terrain and keeps you afloat when dumped." And "Super fun, playful and versatile, works great in both slush and powder."
Rating: 8.79

Model year: 2020
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Dimensions: 135-108-126.5mm
Radius: 20 m (188cm)
About the ski: An all-mountain ski more for the off-piste team, focusing on downhill performance, according to the Swedish agent. This year, Tracer has become about 10% lighter, partly through a core of the Brazilian wood species Karuba. A relatively large tip rocker, no rocker behind. No metal in the ski. Same construction ladies and gentlemen, length only differs. Weight slightly obscure, but around 1700 grams.

Emma: - I drove 172 cm in the model called Trace (lady). It was speed stable. There is quite a lot of tip rocker on it, some tendency to flutter when driving fast but at the same time a hard ski and it was fun to drive fast on it. Not very easy to maneuver when it's a little tricky, then you really need to be chopped. I think it would do really well in loose snow. Rating 3.5.

Max: - They were like a pair of stable bananas under their feet! Big rocker up there. Funny, playful, traveled a lot and played on the back of them. Carved a little with them and they were perhaps not the most thought of. But in jumping on the sides they were terribly funny, they feel easy to spin around and jump with thanks to the rocker. Think it was totally okay at high speed too! Rating 4.

Olle: - We went up in the lift and were a little worn in because it was the last ride of the day, and I thought "how is this going to go". But I got the tag and had really fun on these skis! I had some prejudices about Armada and what kind of rider was driving them, and that they would not suit me, but I was very pleasantly surprised! I had a blast on these! There was good pressure in the ski and worked well at high speed, at the same time nice and soft front and back were good to spin and play with. Rating 4.5.


Model year: 2020