Atomic Backland 107

Atomic Backland 107
Category: All mountain
Level: Advanced
Brand: Atomic
Modelyear: 2021
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 137/107/124 mm Turning radius: 18.50 m Weight: 1550 gram (182 cm)
Sizes: 175,182,189 cm
(Official information from Atomic)

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About the ski: Atomic Backland 107 coming 2019/2020 season has the same spoon in the front as popular Bent Chetler skis ("HRZN Tech Tip" which will give 10% surface area on the tip), rocker front and back with shovel under the foot, wood core of Poppel and Karuba and reinforced with a longitudinally ingrained carbon fiber rod.

Emma: - Got the impression that it was very speed stable, a ski perfect for big rides and big mountains, you can gas a lot. Also holds good on the slopes, good in larger turns. Rather bigger ride, than shredding tight forest type of ski. It went well off the piste. Surprisingly easy skiing. In tight Swedish forest was not the optimal choice. Rating 4

Olle: - The first ride I was skeptical, felt tough. But then I got into it and dared to press. Then it got better, and it is tough but not too hard and you can stand the turns at the same time it is playful. But there is nothing you can do, a good alpine ski for off-piste and long pistes. In the loose snow it was good and did not get stuck or anything, but floated on well! Rating 4

Max: - A fun ski! When pressed, it hangs with good, steady speed. In the off-piste I could be at a higher speed, feel chargeable, fit a skier who wants to stand on both piste and off piste. Got around it in the forest, but a little heavier than eg Salomon QST, on the other hand I got a straight line. In slopes and hard surfaces, the radius of 18.5 m is that it is right quick when pressed. Rating 4.5


Model year: 2020