Atomic Bent Chetler 100

Atomic Bent Chetler 100
Atomic Bent Chetler 100
Category: All mountain
Level: Advanced
Brand: Atomic
Modelyear: 2022
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 129/100/120 mm Turning radius: 19.50 m Weight: 1700 gram (180 cm)
Sizes: 164,172,180,188 cm
Manufacturers description
Bent Chetler 100 is an all mountain ski with 100mm under the foot. The width of the ski gives you good opportunities to be flexible when you choose to ride as it works on both hard and soft snow and in the park. A light wood core keeps the weight down and the sidewall construction guarantees power transmission and edge grip. Bent Chetler 100 has a large tolerance for different mounts and if you choose to mount at the recommended mounting point, you will get a ski that is more traditional in its feel and if you mount forward, you will get a ski with a feeling more like a park ski. Whatever you choose, little brother Chetler will be a fun playmate.

(Official information from Atomic)

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MR, unknown
MR, unknown (Guest)
It's a pretty nice and soft ski for park and powder and i like the fact that they actually keep up in the bigger slopes. It's one of the best skis i ever had and have experienced. it has a good rocker in the back and front so it goes smooth on the powder days but also rids good switch. All skis get some damaged but these are actually not too harmed.

I don't know if it is the bindings or the ski, but they make some weird noises sometimes. i don't recommend this ski if you're a lightweight skier because you feel like they're a little too heavy for tricks in the park. i had that problem, but when i got older and stronger, could i not feel this as a problem anymore.


Model year: 2021
Length on the ski: 164 cm
Riders weight: 60 kg
Riders length: 175 cm

Shaun (Guest)
Ski performance is good

Cheap , skis are trashed

Skis are trashed after 3 times out

Model year: 2022
Riding style: All mountain
Length on the ski: 188 cm
Riders weight: 86 kg
Riders length: 188 cm

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Moa: - This is the most playful ski I've ever tried. It is fast even though the radius is not a giant card. They feel stable and respond really well. They are not very soft. A flexible ski. Rating: 4.

Fredrik: - Stylish design! But also a really fun ski that works everywhere. They are relatively light, and sometimes I dare not trust them to 100% today when it is so icy. The weight makes them work well to take with you at some point, although this may not be the perfect touring ski. Bent Chetler is suitable for those who want a ski! Rating: 4.

Olle: - A really good ski! This year again. I actually like everything about Bent Chetler. It's like an adult park ski. You can go fast and it feels safe, but it is still playful. Good balance between playfulness and stability. They are good too! Rating: 4.

Johan: - Playful skiing that would probably work well in the park, although I might be the wrong person to tell me about it because I'm not a park rider. They are sturdy enough to feel safe on the slopes and feel like a kind of hybrid ski. More playful compared to Blizzard Bonafide for example, which we also tested. Plus points for the design! Rating: 4.


Model year: 2021
Length on the ski: 180 cm

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Superb all-round ski. Works in a piste, tight and stable. Outside the piste also fun. The ski is reminiscent of Faction CT 3.0. Rating 4.5