Atomic Beta C9 18

Brand: Atomic

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Maury Markowitz
Maury Markowitz (Guest)
Make every turn look like a pro. Sticks ice like nothing I've skiied before.

Sinks in anything other than hardpack. Relatively heavy.

I've been skiing my C9:18's for three seasons now, and I still LOVE them. It always takes me a few days to get on top of them again, but once you do they start turning under you like nothing. I especially like the feeling at the end of turns when you start to unweight into the next edge, the skis LAUNCH you out of the corner.

I ski a tight line, a leftover from learning all those J-turns in the 80's. These skis claim to have a 24 m turn radius, which is quite long compared even to the freeride skis I've been looking at (which are generally 15 to 20 m). This is a bit odd, because when I ski them I'd swear I was on a GS racer - I'm still pulling off tiny short-radius turns, and these skis turn them into the most beautiful carving parallel tracks you've ever seen.

These skis are a little heavy, or at least the ski+binding is. Heavy enough that you notice it when you're carrying them around in the airport, and I've got little 160s. Not heavy enough to kill you in the bumps though, which these things just eat up.

The major downside is that I'm skiing out west more, and these are not the best skis for anything other than groomers. The tips sink in powder, and they're just not stable on crud. When I do stay in the east, or just go out in bad snow, there's really nothing that I've tried that compares with this ski.

Let me tell you how good they are this way; these skis are too short for me and I need something longer, especially for skiing out west. But these things are so good I'm still on them and can't get up the nerve to get a new pair.

Length on the ski: 160 cm
Riders weight: 75 kg

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Really beautiful in the piste, swings quickly. What makes them badly fun!

Worse on oily surfaces, feels a bit fluttery.
Is not that good outside the piste, but they are not made for it either.

A couple of really funny and crazy skis in the piste, do as you wish in nine cases of ten. (He he, not verbatim.)

Riding style: Gets more pist than pillows but prefer pillows.
Length on the ski: 170 cm
Riders weight: 78 kg
Riders length: 190 cm

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let's say a little bit of a tight print on the ski, but I think it's okay, it's a perfect medium ski

Model year: 2001