Atomic Beta Race 9.20

Brand: Atomic
Modelyear: 2000

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Absolutely wonderful layers, they are like planks and the grip is almost scary, bought my with xentrix 412 binding that fits perfectly with spacer plate, good setup options. 1 / - / 1 grinding makes them drag more in the curves .... real mosquito hunters!

Riders weight: 75 kg

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They are like a dream! drove on them in 03 and bought a pair to 170 good length! with a little x-tra high plate. The skis are the cannon going on the rail in the piste and without it;)
Get stuck in other words Perfect!

Model year: 2003
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My first own "real" carving ski and I can only say I'm happy. With this ski you can go almost everywhere but it is clear that a ski like, for example, Völkl G4 with more than 20 mm wider waist wears better in loose nose. The fastening of the skid (faster in the turn) or backwards (stable at high speeds) means that you actually get 2 extra skis on your purchase - Superb! Drive 180 cm (18 m turning radius) and say that this is a perfect all-round ski.

Model year: 2000
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I drive the ski that telisar with Rottefella Cobra binding and TRP-100 plate. The skid works very well in piste and feels stable at high speed. There is, in my opinion, no reason to drive at Atomic telemark ski in the piste, the alpine skiing is superior and much more fun. In the sneeze, however, the skid comes to short, it tends to dig down so that there is no flow. On the other hand, we live in the promised land of the blue ice and manchestra so it's just to supplement with fats on snowy days.

Model year: 2000
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Be quite suspicious when the seller dropped with arguments that "in the world cup you drive up to a maximum of 186 cm" in my attempt to make me light on the 180 cm model.

Well, its smallness, though, it was just as fun as I expected. Kortsväng worked well, in all shifts, but, of course, both skis & riders have the most fun with long turns at scary speed. Clearly impressed with speed stability, especially considering the length of the ski tested - 180 cm. Good response in all maneuvers, furthermore estimates that the ski delivers intelligent information on the ground.

Could have been a 5th if I had to test the longest model ... but surely it's a disgusting good skiing.

Model year: 2001
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My Beta Race is 180cm and I've driven them hard for 4 months in the Alps, I've been with most bowls and have also tried to show a little in the fun park.

Beta Race 9.20 is sold as a grand slalom but is defensively more an all-round ski, if you are looking for a real sports racer, you should look at 10.26 which is good much stiffer among the gates. However, many people blend 9.20 together with the above-mentioned heat-skid due to the color, which may be a tip if you want Maierskidor.

Hard piste: Feels 9.20 at home with its exact edge grip and its not too wide waist. Weighing one can be good fast in the piste with long carving G-force swings, the ski is very stable in high speed. The midfield is also quite wide for shorter turns and the carving measures go for round goa turns. However, I do not recommend playing Viking and driving with Austrian Hermenator types in red national apparel.

Soft skitpist: The power of the skis and legs (you need to) make a mash of the slashes and spray the German panther wet where they sit and drink hunters. In this case, however, the team requires some of its skiers, strong legs and attention are A and O, and it happens that you do not pay attention and let the skis decide, just when the skis are new is slipping worse than in a watercourse, so beware .... However, I have always said that slash is for snowboarders and shippers in the neon. Drinking beer instead ....

Pillows: Have tried to teach me pillows, but would like a slider that's a bit softer and wider in the middle (9.20 is 62mm), but do not get lost, not at all. But sometimes I do

Hope: Not as heavy as I thought it would feel, no special jump skid but quite okay to land with, just as tight! Personally, I think it looks a little cooler with people who jump with layers that are not special for hope, one wants to be allround. 9.20 can also crash, and it's a must when you're having a hybrid and have to test the helicopter in the fatest big jump.

For me, there is no better all-round skiing for medium-sized, advanced skiers, for others there is definitely better skiing, so choose carefully and try the best!

Model year: 1999