Atomic Beta Race Carv 10,22

Brand: Atomic
Modelyear: 2002

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JBSki #3
JBSki #3 (Guest)
Speed, grip, super carvers

Unforgiving - no sitting back. ;)

I pulled them out of the closet for the 2017/2018 season - quick tune & I was waiting for the 22-year-olds (half my age) at the bottom of every run. (east coast steep/groomers). Fastest ski I've ever ridden.

Model year: 2002
Riding style: East coast piste ice/steep
Length on the ski: 193 cm
Riders weight: 83 kg
Riders length: 25 cm

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incredible speed stability ... it works fat in slightly longer turns if you press a little

Riders weight: 83 kg

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Maier Add as a Friend ...
I was a little skeptical at first because of the tight waist. But in snow it is clear that this model is real racing iron !! Awesome icebreaker, calm and nice and nice snap from the turns if you want to ... Works well in short turns if you are determined and put on some power. I went on artificial snow it was hard ground to very hard. I have tried Beta RaceCarv 9.20 earlier this year and in comparison, 10.22 is an average cut but much more twisty. The disadvantage may be at low speed, then 10.22 as many other GS skis are quite cool.
I weigh 90 + / 193 and will love you soon.
The ski length is 188 cm.
/ Joppa

Model year: 2001