Atomic Metron 11B5c

Atomic Metron 11B5c
Category: All mountain
Level: Advanced
Brand: Atomic
Modelyear: 2008
M├ątt (Nos/Midja/Bak): 123/76/107 mm Turning radius: 12.00 m (152 cm)
Sizes: 152,158,164,170,176 cm
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(Official information from Atomic)

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Gary Sharp
Gary Sharp (Guest)
Great turning and controllable ski from my first "clickin". Short turn specialist ski that fells solid and predictable at all times except when straight-running on float surface. This ski needs to be on edge at all times and gee, what a fantastic ride it will give you! Short to meduim radius in the blink of you eye. Really good, enjoyable weapon on all pitched terrain uncluding the steepest there is! Luv what they allow me do!

Flat terrain when gliding down to the lift line along the base of the valley. They sceam out to keep turning.

Best turning and manuevering ski I have ever had the pleasure to shread on!

Length on the ski: 164 cm
Riders weight: 76 kg
Riders length: 164 cm

Great for tight snappy slalom type turns. Torsionally very strong and therefore probably the most predicable and fun ski that I have ever owned. This ski loves to do precision turns. Great for varying the turn radius as well. You can short swing and then immediately break out into gs turns then back again all in the one short run. This ski will go hard for you all day and then some if you have the legs to keep it turning

Tracking on straight featureless terrain is someti e difficult as this is an edge to edge side-cut ski that needs those edges to keep bighting in for stability.

The best turning and controllable ski I have ever been on! Fantastic feel that really does make you go harder and produce the bests of you life.
But you better have strong legs because they want you to turn, turn, turn all day

Length on the ski: 164 cm
Riders weight: 75 kg
Riders length: 164 cm