Atomic Snoop Daddy

Atomic Snoop Daddy
Category: All mountain
Level: Advanced
Brand: Atomic
Modelyear: 2009
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 127/92/116 mm Turning radius: 18.00 m (168 cm)
Sizes: 168,176,184,192 cm
(Official information from Atomic)

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Kees van Putten
Kees van Putten (Guest)
Good strength. But after(intensive) use you feel that the strength has becoming a bit less

Quite long.

Very fine ski for touring and powder circumstances. For steep slopes a bit long; but for group in a step slope the length is comfortable

Model year: 2014
Riding style: Touring and powder.
Length on the ski: 170 cm
Riders weight: 72 kg
Riders length: 181 cm

stiff, snappy and fast.. a true atomic ski. Great on all terrian. Easy to initate small, mediaum and large turns. Great in some powder but does not have enouph float for those really deep days and can get thrown around a bit in the chop. Very light ski that makes it great for touring.

needs more float

stiff, snappy and fast.. a true atomic ski. Great on all terrian but not the ski very very deep days. truelly an all mountain ski .

Model year: 2007
Length on the ski: 185 cm

smgamgee (Guest)
This ski is incredible. I have an extensive quiver and found myself reaching for the snoop daddys day after day - east coast and west coast. It eats crud like its it's job - and can rip at high speeds on groomers. 88 underfoot allows for fast, full edge to edge turns if you get over the skis and the 125 - 111 tip-tail doesn't sink in the deep stuff. They're stiff, light, edgy and fast in all conditions. Money skis. Banging graphics too.

The skis it outdid this year in my bag: Rossignol Scratch, Volkl Karma, Fishcer Big Stix and Volkl Supersport *****.

I can never decide which I like better: black stripe on the inside or outside?

Buy em. Rip em.

Model year: 2007
Filip Ingelström
Filip Ingelström (Guest)
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-Small and nice
-Educable in all kinds of pillows, from 5 cm new to 40 cm new
-Found really well in the piste, used me when I had a punch show for STS this winter
-Twintipen makes it easy to go and land the switch
- Very nice to use in the park, natural drops and kickers as well as on own man maid kickers
-Exception, one of the most beautiful layers I've seen!

-If no, would be that it could be 100 mm wide on the waist

I have been on next year's Snoop, 09/10, which has twintip design and a really cool wood design, it looks like laminate flooring with a wood design on. It's much more beautiful to go on than, for example, Dynastar Legend Mythic Rider and Head Monster 88, and I like it better than both Rossignol Steeze and K2 Hellbent.

Snoop probably fits the best who wants to start seriously offpiste but at the same time have a ski that works in the piste. Spent the 1.5 day up in Kittelfjäll the weekend that went and it is terribly good in Swedish our offpiste with. Have just gone on a better ski and it's my 182 cm long Salomon Czar.

Fantastic skiing that gives incredible amount of back.

Riding style: Pillows, pistons when the job forces one
Length on the ski: 176 cm
Riders weight: 65 kg
Riders length: 176 cm

Christian (Guest)
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Snoop daddy is a swift and very easy ski, It is easily driven, quite soft and works everywhere, off piste and piste. It carves well and stable on hard surfaces in large turns. I weigh 80 kilos and have one in 185 and it does not feel traces far. I really can abeal the skies like wide randonee skiing as it is good in all kinds of snow, even when it's tight and at the same time very easy.

In heavy snow, it is a little light and soft. You do not get through the bunks in the same way as with a stiffer ski. It is for example. not nearly as powerful as the old 10.EX.
In deep powder and very high speed, a wider ski would of course be better. On the other hand, this is fun all over the place, even in pillows.

A very easy-running ski that really works all over the place, focusing on off piste where there is always no powder of powder. The low weight makes it very suitable for randonee where there is a focus on the downhill runs.

Model year: 2007
Riding style: All kinds of off piste, like in relatively high speed.
Length on the ski: 185 cm
Riders weight: 80 kg
Riders length: 184 cm