Atomic TM EX

Brand: Atomic
Modelyear: 2003

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A clean off-piste skiing-will keep in mind.
I thought it was good for a pistil until I tried the TM 22 brother who has a lot better edge grip. Works in newly renovated but when the manchestra is gone, the slope becomes a single big turn.
But one should not stick to it-it hurts too badly if you fall asleep, it's only the only downside of the ski slope. Drive with a cobra bond

Riders weight: 65 kg

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Want to add a bit to my post over (guest) Have now got a better score. In terms of speed stability, I tested them against fjorårs prorider, where the tmexs came out amazingly well. The rear skirt is rigid and gives a nice cut out of the swing and a nice kick to get rid of. In fact, skiing is considered quite fun if you work a bit. Excessive fine flow in the powder is attributed to the moderate influence. Skia has the shape and characteristics of a skis, but the limitation is in the width. A nice No. 2/3 pair to someone who does not bother to struggle so much on top trips, but will never be able to replace a proper fat skate. (Weight: only 5.6 kg with link and 5.15 with R8)

+ Stabile
+ Very easy
-Smal and a bit boring.

Riders weight: 84 kg

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Length: 184
Binding: R8
I: Routine, weight 84, length 176.

Tried skiing in a small local trailer, 50 cm snowy snow in the woods, nicely prepared piste without ice. In the loophole, it worked well. Moderate winding and straight middle width, and low weight work well for Nordic snow conditions. In hard circumstances, I am more unsure. Is used to DP and so on, and this seems unstable. Do not think they are anything particularly easier or more playable than heavier and wider skis. By all means easy to get on and stay there without having to spend as much effort as on the above-mentioned type of ski, but not as easy to get around like a similar ski that has a bit more winding. I actually felt that I have as good control of narrow skis as xx / bs74 at high speed. Had hoped that the rigid rear skirt would give more pressure out of the swing.

All in all, a ski that is nice for all-round and loose driving in smaller conditions. I am looking forward to trying them for top trips, as the low weight makes the trip upset, and on the way down they work well enough for the most part to believe. In any case, as good as the corresponding type of ski.

My field of application will be for all-round hill, peak ride and more relaxing use. A nice all-round skiing to the skier who does not have a lot of ski days a year and who only needs a couple. For that reason, give it a rating according to the condition "extra ski / all-round ski" For a demanding skier, I will only recommend Tmex as an extra pair in addition to more specialized skis.

Riders weight: 84 kg

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Too soft and cordless, you do not dare to rely on the ski in anything else before a nice soft sneeze, and then there are many skis.
Put the money on something else and be happy.
Tested with Cobra-teliz binding.

/ BB

Model year: 2003
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+6 'Slantar = Affordable?
Yes definitely, if you like driving where the pistol does not come. Ready kartongsnö better than other skis I tested - maybe because it's a bit more stable than many other as wide skis as you put on loose sanitation.

In pillows? - If you do not get poached with these, it's the time to take lesson 1a with the ski instructor!

Ashön i pist?
Well, not if you compare with a ski that is meant to get in and out quickly. TM: EX can not be compared with, for example, a pair of (dam) grand slalom skis with telis binding in the piste. However, it's great to push it into some nice carving wings if there is a lack of good offpiste, something that many competitors cure fat on.

Thank you to Joen, Malmö, Limhamn, who is really good at shopping!

Model year: 2002
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An absolutely superb ski that requires her husband. Works despite its width well in the piste. The ski swallows junk sneakage and bumps like nothing. This is a snowmobile skid with good piste qualities that I really recommend for the advanced skater.

Model year: 2002