Black Crows Captis

Black Crows Captis
Black Crows Captis
Black Crows Captis
Category: All mountain
Level: Medium
Brand: Black Crows
Modelyear: 2021
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 120/90/111 mm Turning radius: 18.00 m Weight: 1750 gram (178 cm)
Sizes: 171,178,184 cm
Manufacturers description
A relatively narrow ski the Captis is very responsive and has quick edge-to-edge transition. the Captis is very tolerant and nice to ski. The best of wild skis to ride and drop.

(Official information from Black Crows)

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Funny ski that is easy on the foot if you are used to slightly heavier skis, fun to pop in the off-piste, simple and just soft. A perfect allmountain ski simply.

May be somewhat unstable in the piste on occasional occasions. One cannot develop the supercoat as a skier on the skis unfortunately, very "simple" ski.

A wonderful allmountain ski from Black Crows. Is not the best in the piste, off-piste or in the park. But it can do everything really well at the same time, something that not many skis can do. Are you going off season or over longer holidays and can only bring a couple of skis, then these are the way to go!

Model year: 2017
Riding style: 50/50 Slope / Offpist
Length on the ski: 184 cm
Riders weight: 75 kg
Riders length: 190 cm