Black Crows Sevun II

Black Crows Sevun II
Category: Offpist / Freeride
Level: Advanced
Brand: Black Crows
Modelyear: 2014
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 146/117/136 mm Turning radius: 25.00 m (191 cm)
Sizes: 191 cm
(Official information from Black Crows)

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Claes (Guest)
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Withstand a lot of speed, both offpiste and in piste.
Good edge grip, yet easy to wrap if you want it.
Take a turn in the piste well.
Likes but is not difficult at lower prices yet.
Relatively easy-to-drive but still tolerate crazy hard loading.
Gets good in all kinds of snow, from pillows to rocky pests.
Good flow in the soft.
Do not need to be framed, I think my are on the line.

Nothing for the newschool kids who want a ski that does not have a forward direction.

Went on 4 days in the Swedish mountains, one week in Bad Gastein, four days in Alagna.
It's going to be really good everywhere, fun to carve in the piste and you've got fun in the offpiste.
Not hard at all, the length of nothing to be afraid of. How stable, yet easy to operate.
Playful for a big-mountain ski, but if you like to go with your stomach, it's enough to have fun.
Slöåka goes very well, you can check the altimeter if you want, but when you feel like loading, the ski is all along.

Thought it would be a bit too fat for being allround, but it's just it's. But ok, if I go to the seal, I take my leap of laser sc, but I go to another place where there is hope for someone off the piste, then I'll take these.

Awesome fucking good ski. Have nothing to complain about at all. Nothing. Nada nichts and nothing.

Model year: 2013
Riding style: Powder-Ski
Length on the ski: 191 cm
Riders weight: 82 kg
Riders length: 188 cm

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Fart stable skid that can handle most. Have a lot of turn in spite of the radius and its relatively tight flex. Sufficiently wide for the loose. Safe and safe in snowy snow. A small span below the foot and a tail without rocks gives a pistachio that leaves nothing to be desired.

The weight is not particularly friendly for anyone who had thought about it. Or you will have a good workout if you ride on them, choose yourself!

I have gathered myself forty forty years on skis and get together 20-25 days a normal winter, this year I hope for even more.

Sevun II can give an impression of being designed as a Cadillac, but they run like a Porsche.

So far, I've had two days together with them and driving them in piste, woods (40-50 cm deep, mixed new / old snow), open terrain about 50cm mixed snow as well as opisted but harvested snow. They are mounted on TC minus 12cm, i.e. two cm in front of the line. They have not yet disappointed me in a single situation. It's just getting on. The dimensions and the front rocker make the gap to what you could expect. In triangular situations, the unlatched tail is not directly disturbing, but clearly present (guessing that the + 2cm assembly will record some here). However, their behavior in the pist is far above what I had expected. It's just edging and pushing and moaning ... and pushing a bit. You may want to get rid of these!

In addition to the above, they also exhibit a balanced ability that allows the middle of the turn, varying both the radius of the turn and the driving mode, such as switching from carving to cord or from cord to carving. In addition, they move despite their flex even to slacken without being tough or sad in both long and short turns. No disadvantage when the gasoline starts to run out.

I originally thought about hanging a pair of Dukes on them, but having known and snapped a bit on them, I realized quite soon that I would probably not ride a lot of meters on them so it became a couple of Look Pivot instead.

Have also driven and owns K2 Sidestash, Dynastar Legend PR115, Rossignol Super 7. They all have their advantages and features that I appreciate, but overall the crows hit them on the fingers for the most part. K2: The ears are clearly more friendly but considerably wiser, the legends are nice in solving and a little messy conditions but otherwise a little eventful and ignorant. The suits are somewhat smoother in rough terrain like dense forests, but you should not wait for minus mounting and their rocktail pintail. The everyday skiing option for me has become very easy with Sevun!

Model year: 2013
Riding style: Pist, offpist, randonné and some forestry here and there.
Length on the ski: 191 cm
Riders weight: 83 kg
Riders length: 178 cm