Black Diamond Boundary Pro 100

Black Diamond Boundary Pro 100
Category: All mountain
Level: Advanced
Brand: Black Diamond
Modelyear: 2021
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 132/100/119 mm Turning radius: 21.00 m Weight: 1950 gram (180 cm)
Sizes: 172,180,188 cm
(Official information from Black Diamond)

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About the ski: Black Diamond's meatier ski series is called Boundary Pro and comes in widths 100, 107 and 115. A charger that likes high speeds! A bit reminiscent of Black Crow's Corvus, according to Lars at Swedish Black Diamond: "The lower body and legs laugh with joy when you pull on, the upper body is terrified!". We drove 100 mm and this is the year model 2019/2020. It is a ski that is built for powerful skiing in the ski resort and litf-based off-piste, perhaps shorter trips. Rocker in tip and tail with classic buckle under the foot, made in Austria with fiberglass and poplar wood in the core.

Emma: - This ski went just like it! Felt like a couple of big slides, they demanded a lot from one as a rider you have to stand in the right position and challenge. If you appreciate it it is cruel, otherwise it is probably not the right ski. I thought it was fun because you can do really good with it! But that's what it is good at, but it doesn't really invite you to play around. There will be big turns with it and high speed right away. Rating 3.5.

Olle: - It's a bit of a medium ski for me. It does its job, but no wow feeling. It was speed stable, which was a bit surprising considering the Black Diamod top trip and easy, but this one was hefty. Rating 3.

Max: - A hard ski, which requires a little speed to get into turns. If you press at high speed, you get a large slalom character. Quite clever when you get it up to speed. Nice tip rocker, not so much tail rocker, think you can go some powder with! High speed even in the off piste this would do well. A good ski! Rating 4.


Model year: 2020