Black Diamond Stigma

Black Diamond Stigma
Category: Ski touring
Brand: Black Diamond
Modelyear: 2014
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 114/80/104 mm Turning radius: 18.00 m Weight: 2600 gram (168 cm)
Sizes: 168,176 cm
(Official information from Black Diamond)

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Paul S.
Paul S. (Guest)
Quick turner, holds an edge very well, good tele ski. Lightweight but still handles crud with some authority.

I have the 2007/8 184cm model. A bit narrow in the waist. A bit light for some conditions. I think it could use some more width in the waist for bc skiing. I like it a lot out of bounds, but it seems to me that 85mm in the waist may be just right for me.

A great in-area, varied conditions bc board, and spring descent ski. Will do the fresh but you gotta dial it in. If you *know* you are hitting fresh snow, then grab a fatter ski. Otherwise, this ski will handle most anything else with aplomb. I actually like this ski in the pow in CO where I live. I can step on it and just make it run through the light and fluffy with little effort. I took these to Canada (BC) for a week in 2009, and I found them to be lacking for the snow there. More width was in order as I was getting caught up and tossed in the heavier snow with too many face plants. Ya, could be my skills and the fact I was teleing for 8 days. But a big ski there would have been more welcome.

Model year: 2008
Riding style: Piste, off-piste, powder when I can get my ass to the pass quickly.
Length on the ski: 182 cm
Riders weight: 82 kg
Riders length: 6 cm