Black Diamond Verdict

Black Diamond Verdict
Category: All mountain
Brand: Black Diamond
Modelyear: 2015
Women product.
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 130/100/118 mm Turning radius: 19.00 m Weight: 3900 gram (164 cm)
Sizes: 164,172,180,188 cm
Manufacturers description
The Verdict borrows shape from the AMPerage to create a playful, versatile all-conditions ski with unbelievable edge hold on firm snow.

Dramatically different than the Black Diamond Verdicts of old, this iteration gets a hybrid fun-shape to make it turn super easy, even at low speeds. When you’re ready to ramp it up, 3D Metal Sandwich construction gives it rail-solid edge hold and keeps it extremely damp when charging through manky snow.

Adaptable 100 mm waist, with underfoot camber, and tip and tail Rocker
More playful than the Zealot, like a narrower AMPerage with metal
3D Metal Sandwich with Titanal, paulownia wood core and ABS tapered sidewalls for race-like construction without the weight
Formula One Technology with three ribs for maximum torsional stiffness
Skin-friendly, concrete protecting ABS tail protector
Optimal use: 50% soft snow / 50% hard snow

(Official information from Black Diamond)

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wide waist hyffstatr easy and good flow worked for me that is easy


they went for a week in a row. It worked perfectly

Model year: 2009
Riding style: powder-big mountain. tour
Length on the ski: 180 cm
Riders weight: 65 kg
Riders length: 183 cm

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Really good ski, cannon in the cold powder with a lot of lifting in the top.

Of course not the dream choice in the ice piste, but you can do well in the prepared back if you can put some weight and strength behind

A cannon skid and can very well function as "single pair", preferably with a Diamir Freeride Plus. A ski I would like to go more could in my case be a little longer as the front end slices a bit at the entrance of the turn (Can also be the location to deffa 20kg ....)

Model year: 2007
Riding style: Too little pillows ... powerful all over the mountain, high speed, wide carvings, skis over 30 years
Length on the ski: 190 cm
Riders weight: 115 kg
Riders length: 192 cm

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If you are looking for a fat skate that is also easy then this is the choice for you. BD has managed to get a twisted skid weighing less than 4 kg, more specifically 3.8kg. If you put on a pair of Diamar Freeride + bindings then you have a dream trip packet.

The Verict ski is best in snowflakes and spring skins, but it works even when it's hard if you're hard enough to take command of them.

If you imagine the BD verdicten with teleis binding then you should go down for otherwise you have a couple of layers that are hard-swung. But go down a length and you have pillows of rockets that take you everywhere on the mountain except when it's hard and generally devious.

The skis may feel a little unstable at high speed in hard pistons. But then you are also in a completely wrong place with the skis.

Veridct is a ski run for you looking for a light and fat option for cross-country skiing. If you usually go outside the piste and shiver in a hard piste, Black Dimond Verict is right for you.

I think this has been on the Verdit ski with Diamir Freeride binding about 40 days last winter mostly on Snasahögrana and inside and outside the piste in Åre. I'm mostly offpiste and have been skiing for 35 years.

Model year: 2007
Length on the ski: 190 cm
Riders weight: 90 kg
Riders length: 180 cm