Black Diamond Voodoo

Black Diamond Voodoo
Category: Ski touring
Level: Medium
Brand: Black Diamond
Modelyear: 2010
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 124/88/115 mm Turning radius: 24.50 m Weight: 3500 gram (185 cm)
Sizes: 185,175,165 cm
Price: 439 $
Manufacturers description
A lightweight version of the Havoc, requiring less energy input for all-around performance. The Voodoo is the long-distance powder-hunter's ski of choice.

(Official information from Black Diamond)

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Optimal all-mountain hiking slope combined with dynafit.
No other ski I know has the same twisting stiffness at such low weight.
Cnc-milled wood core works factually, it seems like.
GS carving beyond expectation.

Twintip on the ski slopes? To save 200 grams and ease the lapping, skate and snow protection, I have cut my ...
The graphics
Wider nose than BD's own skin.

I live in Tromsø and go over 50,000 m / year. Most often in Lyngen or Kvalöy but also some trips in the Alps. I buy my voodoo in April 09 and have walked / traveled about 15000 m. Have not tested the skis in the snowmobile yet. I think voodoo in combination with light dynafit bindings works perfectly and I will probably go on them for about 9 days by 10.30 cm cold nose and I drive Gotama with Duke (3 kg heavier) unless I go over 1500 m. My last Skis were a pair of Dynafit. These were light but really dangerous when it became over 45 and hard. The same goes for many other so-called ski runs. Voodoo holds the grip as well as a pair of 1 kg heavier skis usually do. This also facilitates the trip if there is a crowd.

Riders weight: 82 kg
Riders length: 185 cm