Blizzard Rustler 10

Blizzard Rustler 10
Category: All mountain
Brand: Blizzard
Modelyear: 2018
M├ątt (Nos/Midja/Bak): 133/102/122 mm Turning radius: 14.50 m (164 cm)
Sizes: 164,172,180,188 cm
Manufacturers description
(Official information from Blizzard)

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Blizzard's Rustler is fitted with a layer of metal in its sandwich structure. A metal case that has been tapered in the tip and tail. The skid is also fitted with carbon fiber whose fiber has been laid in a longitudinal direction. When carbon fiber is laid in this way, the flex is stepped up in the longitudinal direction of the ski. On the other hand, the stiffness is left to its own destiny.

The skate does not seem to be untidy when I test it in the back. Worthless when I want to push the cutting turns on edge but brilliant when I shoot down between the afternoon puckles. The ski is easy to play with and pops from turn to turn. I almost shoot down the hill. The ski requires you to play it with playfulness for it to work. In spite of its somewhat soft construction, the ski is still fast-paced when I give it the right speed. With light feet, the skis go really well in the rugged parties on the slopes.

All in all; Blizzard Rustler will be played down for the slope. If you like a skier to let the ski have fun, it will be fun and you will also have fun.

Riding style: Pist and stable offpiste
Length on the ski: 188 cm
Riders weight: 74 kg
Riders length: 174 cm

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Built with the same material as the Test winner Rustler 11, almost as popular.
Rating: 9.37