Blizzard Rustler 11

Blizzard Rustler 11
Category: Offpist / Freeride
Brand: Blizzard
Modelyear: 2018
Mått (Nos/Midja/Bak): 142/114/132 mm Turning radius: 16.00 m (164 cm)
Sizes: 164,172,180,188,192 cm
Manufacturers description
(Official information from Blizzard)

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26/02/2018 (Modified: 23/04/2018)
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Quote from Jarle:
"A soaring shot and play skid, or a very playful ice skate, depending on how you look at it."

Maybe a bit like skim milk, what's the strength of the skis is also its weakness.

The first impression was that the skis really differed from my Katana and my MTN Lab 95, which I have done the most recently, similar to my Magic J so it took a while to change ....... Experienced at first the skis were less stable at the back, felt almost like getting a little backweight on skating .... when I got over it and laid the skis on the edge and pressed a sharp turn, it initially felt like skiing dropped out at the back ......

Once I had asked for the motorbike, I had a really fun skirt under my feet :-) would say that Jarle's statement "A more soaring shot and play skid, or a very playful ice skating, depending on how you look at it." describes the ski very well :-)

After driving the skis a bit more, Japow in Hakuba, as well as new & old snow and piste in Tignes and Hemsedal, I can only emphasize that this is a very competent freeride ski that probably met so much in the middle of a dot that it almost becomes " boring ";-) misunderstand me right!

It delivers a combination of playfulness, security and charger I've never been to before. Super cool driving down the Sakka forest in Japanese snowy snow, giving surprisingly good flow and pop. After lots of fresh snow overnight in Hemsedal, full load carving wings in a mix of pistons and soft puckles in Såhaug is the hard game fun !! completely insane fun :-) As a reference, it is mentioned that my Völkl RTM 84 did not fix this ..... Then there has been a mixture of "poppy" and "island" driving in mixed conditions, as well as full carving in piste (where I finally managed to get the ski to its limit). It is clear that it is always possible to find a skid that is more charger and stands stool for more and is able to keep more cuts in piste and it is always possible to find a ski with more play and popping in.

But to be honest for a while for what it's like skiers, I think there are very few people who will actually be able to drive this ski to its limit, regardless of full spit or full popping and play. If you are looking for a really sharp and complete freeride ski for the whole mountain and all kind of snow then Rustler 11 is a given winner if you have enough days of snowy snow to defend the width, otherwise I would have logged in on Rustler 10 .

After completing step four (last step in front of the ski instructor) and really gotta know it with a sharp turn, I can say that I was really overwhelmed by how amazingly skilled these skis are. Rid in good speed and with a lot of pressure in hard April-morning slopes (read re-frozen) in Trysil without the skis dropping or "winding down", I never thought that these skis would cope ....

Riding style: From self-taught off-piste fox to ski instructor, four (IVSI) rose with a penchant for fine peak trips with steep ride down
Riders weight: 80 kg
Riders length: 180 cm

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Blizzard has a reputation for making skis that require strength and dedication to get the full potential of the skis. Rustler 11 rejects this thesis directly. With a skid that is very balanced thanks to Blizzard's Dynamic Release Technology, stiffness reduces the tip and back end of the skid, which facilitates the finish of each turn. If you like to load on the slopes when there is soft snow under the skis, Rustler 11 is a perfect choice.

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Brand new skis for the 2017/2018 season if simply trained the test yachts by storm. Cozy and lightweight with a tip & tail rocker, with a bucket underneath the foot. Wood mix of balsa, birch, poplar and paulownia (caesarean tree). Titanium under the foot and sandwich structure in the side walls. Throw a pair of layers from the nos to the bottom with carbon fiber glass and voila! we have a winner in the category.
Rating: 9.69