Bluehouse Maestro

All mountain
Level: Medium
Brand: Bluehouse
Modelyear: 2013

Manufacturers description
The popularity generated by the Maestro is untouched by any other ski in our lineup. It is known for being ideal in any condition. The perfection that radiates from the Maestros can only be explained on the slopes of a foggy mountain in some mystical land...or your local ski resort. This year's improved rocker profile and higher tip rise will transform your Maestros into a charging chariot carried by gliding unicorns eliminating the chance of tip dive. With flawless flex and endless class, the Maestro handles trees to groomers all while looking pretty fly for a light guy. Folks of all sizes, rejoice, for the Maestro is now available in 169 and 195 lengths in addition to 189 and 178. Patriots, you can rejoice too, for all new Maestro models are made in the USA. Like rad graphics? Get ready to party. This season's Maestro graphics are off the wall cool, featuring artist Clayton Thompson for the Maestro-Sage model and Jordan Avner on The Maestro-Pandas. Keep in mind: There is no difference between the Sage and Panda models other than the graphics.

Weight: 3810 gram
Price: 316 $

Length (cm) Tip/Waist/Tail (mm) Weight (g) Radius (m)
169 134/111/125 3810 22.00
178 134/118/131 4445 19.00
189 134/118/131 4451 21.10
195 134/118/131 4678 22.00
(Official information from Bluehouse)

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