DPS Lotus 120

DPS Lotus 120
Category: Offpist / Freeride
Level: Advanced
Brand: DPS
Modelyear: 2013
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 140/120/124 mm Turning radius: 53.00 m Weight: 4000 gram (200 cm)
Sizes: 200,190,184 cm
Manufacturers description
The original and often imitated 120mm class powder pintail that started it all. I you are looking for a directional charger, and are not a fan of tail rocker, there is simply no comparsion. The lotus 120\\\\\\\'s shaping is highly optimized for deep snow; a 600mm tapered and rockered shovel gives the Lotus 120 early planing ability; the flex pattern and geometry have been refined over four seasons to create a ski with unequaled balance and ball-of-the-foot-driven powder performance.
Available in Pure or Hybrid construction. Specs are for Pure.

(Official information from DPS)

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The sound;)

Uncomfortable in hard pist

Yes, what to say, world class. In all forms of soft snow they are absolutely wonderful, decide for yourself how you want to swing, short-range or long big surfers or why not slash the nearest powder formation? Everything works well, despite the length of 190cm. Did not think that a ski that's so long could be so easy to handle! Swings so badly and no tends to hooks or other unpleasant surprises. Tiprocker keeps the tipping on the surface, unless you drive 5% Utahfluff wants to say. This year's model is a bit more rocked and the rocker begins earlier, slams really in hard piss :)
A positive surprise is that they actually work really well in a soft piste. It's very fast with 46 meters radius, but if you really press it, you can get the right shots! Would probably say that they can handle everything (cuddle, cushions, wipe) as long as it's not hard and firm ground when they get a little nervous and shaky.

My lotus is center mounted with a pair of Marker Baron. They were meant to be pillows inbounds + slack / sidecountry, hence Baron, but now that's the case afterwards, I'd rather have a very ordinary Alpine tie on them instead. And then buy a lotus120 in 178cm with dynafit for a sick easy setup to * country! Used these in Utah, so the question is how motivated it is to buy a pair if one is most in Scandinavia. But as a complement if you have a couple of narrower skis and go skiing in the Alps / North America, definitely!

If you're a bit bigger and flatter, I would not hesitate on the 2-meter variant. I'm a little less managed 190 without any problems. Pretend, merge your lotus as you sit in the elevator and get the world's most beautiful sound! * * Klonk

Model year: 2009
Riding style: The block
Length on the ski: 190 cm
Riders weight: 64 kg
Riders length: 178 cm