Dynafit Manaslu

Dynafit Manaslu
Category: Ski touring
Level: Medium
Brand: Dynafit
Modelyear: 2015
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 121/88/106 mm Turning radius: 20.00 m Weight: 1220 gram (158 cm)
Sizes: 158,166,174,182,191 cm
(Official information from Dynafit)

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Incredibly easy
Smooth joints with good glide
Okay, in a pistil
Incredibly easy-prepared and well-framed steel edge (stands out far beyond sidewall)

Very little damp, hence very nervous when it gets hard, windswept or upset.
Pretty short and high rocker - since the ski was designed, a lot has happened
Very much harder under foot than in tips
Mounting very far behind (it feels like you have 2/3 of the skirt in front of your feet)
Swallows valla (may be due to poor management from previous owners)

I went skiing a few days before I decided to sell it again. For my taste it became too nervous as soon as the snow was not smooth and soft, and in the areas you choose to have a so-called "slim" ski, it's unfortunately not possible to count on dreaming every day of the day.
In the piste you can settle down, and you can get down with sharp turns, but I would not call it stable, playful or fun.
To me it seems that the ski does not really make sense, no matter before. In nice sneak it becomes too narrow and the absence of more rocker and early loses, in more difficult times it becomes too bad and in the slope the radius is too long.

Peter W
Peter W (Guest)
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Light and assymetric radius cutting, one can choose if you want to swing cards and often or just brace on long cut. I mentioned that it is very lightweight in relation to its size. In addition, I've tested it in the pist and the baskets are surprisingly good if you do not squeeze it too hard. Easy to put on Dynafit's customized hides but glued to these is not as good as for BD's hides.

Can only be used with Dynafitbindnigar, I drive with Dynafit TLT vertical.
The skid is quite soft, as a direct consequence of the low weight. On the other hand, pulling a Marker Duke doubles the weight so it is probably counterproductive. To get a stiffer skid, Dynafit might have to put in a kevlar / carbon fiber blend instead of the glass fiber now used.
If you press it too hard on harder surfaces, it becomes a bit wonky.

All randonné ski runs are of course compromises between performance and weight. I think Manaslun despite its softness (compared to a normal all mountain / fat ski) is absolutely superb. I have driven it in wind-packed karton nuts, cushions and spring box / sorbet and have not experienced any problems. Does not experience the width as a problem, except if you go long anmarches on hard snow in flatland. Perhaps no skiing for fresh alpine slopes early spring days, but for Swedish / Norwegian conditions with less sunbreaking snow it's cool good even in springtime.
If the ski is used for what it is made for, as pure alpine ride skis with soft and deep snow it holds world class. On even hard surfaces (ice piste or swallow on the top trip), there are better and heavier skis.

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Extremely low weight for its size, and surprisingly robust. Has done the year's misconduct with all glory. The biggest overestimation was how low the ski is in crowds, wind-pressed snow or other hopeless conditions. finish 5a on a 5 degree scale. The low weight means that 1000 height meters are not at all painful, it's like riding on a 160cm narrow rendoskida. Inserts makes the tie assembly buskel, as long as you are brand-proof.

The price, the ski costs a slant, no fashion points in the cabin course: D.
Even though the edge grip is perfectly OK, there are much more fun options in the ice piste. The ski has nothing in the piste to do.

One of the best all-round offpiste ski slopes on the market with undoubtedly good qualities in hard-drawn snow. Lacking crowds, wind-pressed snow or blown boulders thunder easily as if you had a pair of really wide skates under your feet, at the same time it's very tickling around with a little back pressure. That the ski does not weigh more than 1.5kg of pieces makes it easy to use for serious liftless rendonnéz for a week. It will be difficult to find better peak / offpist plank.

Riding style: Off piste
Length on the ski: 187 cm
Riders weight: 75 kg
Riders length: 175 cm