Dynastar Ski Cross 66

Brand: Dynastar

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freez (Guest)
very versatile, great ride on any terrain.

heavy, and not so many bindings available...

took them for a few rides this last season, haven't found much powder to try them on, but they work awesome on freshly groomed piste, and have a great grip on ice, no matter the speed. they can easily catch a lot of speed, and on the bindings i have on you even have the option to move the boot further down the ski. i love them a lot, wouldn't trade them for anything!

Riding style: piste
Length on the ski: 178 cm
Riders weight: 77 kg
Riders length: 178 cm

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Easily the fatest narrow ski I tested. It works for everything in the piste, big long to short round turns. Would you like to go too fast? Jump goes on, they are a little heavy, but you should have some cream in your legs when you go skiing
I think it's too good but too expensive. Skiing should not cost more than Sex with binding.

Model year: 2000
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I tested this ski in Les Carroz in France in all sorts of substrates and can only say:
Rackarns which go skiing !!!!
The disadvantage is the importance, but the postitive properties are considering.
For those who want to buy a new allround ski and like to vary the pace of skiing, I can highly recommend Ski Cross 66 ...
The price may be a little too high too ..?!?!?

Model year: 2000