Dynastar Skicross SC 10

Dynastar Skicross SC 10
Brand: Dynastar
Modelyear: 2003

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kevin (Guest)
great at holding an edge at high speeds, really accelerates out of a deep carve. very sturdily built.

not the floatiest in powder but they through crud pretty well

still bringing smiles after all these years

Model year: 2002
Riding style: always looking for some fresh tracks but like to carve it up on steep groomed stuff on way back to lift.
Length on the ski: 195 cm
Riders weight: 88 kg
Riders length: 183 cm

29/04/2003 (Modified: 09/11/2006)
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"186 cm is far, it will be difficult, heavy, heavy, hard to ride, too big turns, etc." These were my thoughts before I had hard-tested these skis, because that was the experience I had of former grand slalom skiing.

But oh so wrong I could have, the 1st impression was that it was stable as a catamaran boat. I tried to start lining with feet and knees at low speed, they responded once and made a nice mid-range swing. I gained a little more speed and began to edge even with the hip and did a bit bigger turns, it was not hard at all to turn, not heavy, but heavy, fast and stable as just that. I also tried a short short circuit with it at the end of the hill and it worked out well.

These skis are of course the most fun with high speed in medium or large turns. It's a skicross ski, or Dynastar has at least dubbed it to Skicross. There it works exceptionally stable as just the one I said before, but for that matter it is not difficult to swing in tight velodrom curves.

Also works well in the grand slope.

Having trouble finding some ...

A really wonderful ski if you like speed, works as well, even in small turns, mainly because it's soft and gentle.

Started skiing as a small knot and still going as one, fast, wrong and dangerous =). Is a skiing skier with 4 seasons behind me, travels about 140-240 days a year and competes in ski cross. Have mainly used these skis on skierx competitions, but also during a full-time ski instructor in Hotham (Australia).

Model year: 2002
Riding style: Dynamic and aggressive, skierx-pist
Riders weight: 77 kg
Riders length: 180 cm

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I've been driving 178 cm for a few hours in Romme Alpin. The conditions in the slopes switched between seriously heavy and snow-capped slopes. Most often in combination. Off-duty shooting was not to be considered.

Normally I drive 186 cm Head Monster 85 and strive for clean cutting on all surfaces, which usually leads to a real boost. Avoid the park and usually take on "adventure" in the outside piste landscape.

With the measure 105/66/94, the ski gives a peculiar impression compared to the most marketed as ski slopes. The radius is set to 18.6 m which indicates the magnitude of the magnitude. Dynastar indicates that the ski is for (own free translation),

"Advanced riders and experts with an aggressive ride style, who want a" race-oriented "ski for maximum versatility in groomed runs."

I do not have to go many meters to realize that this is a really easy-going ski. The skid answers directly to the angular position and swings willingly even at low speed. The swing is very easy to regulate through varied angularization and the skid does not seem to be particularly sensitive to how to distribute the force / weight. Safe and easy to drive!

The impression remains when it begins to go faster and the substrate becomes more demanding. The edge grip is excellent and keeps the skis firmly in place even when it's really hard. Gets on rails in big turns, but answers directly in short-range and easy to push to slalom-like lines. A ski to "rip" in the piste and invite quick directional changes! However, fail when the surface is hit but without surprise. Something that can probably be avoided by walking up to 186 cm in length. (For me!)

In summary, a ski that really surprised me through its versatility in the piste. Seems to combine the best features of slalom and grand slalom skiing in a single ski without major compromises! Perfect piste skiing for those who drive sexy and relaxed at "normal" speeds but also occasionally drive more aggressively. Simply a very good pistol friction skid!

Note that the femman in grades refers to the relationship I indicated above and based on my most limited experience ...

Model year: 2002
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Tested this ski in 170 cm and was pleasantly surprised. They felt a little heavy, but in the piste there was no problem. The edge grip very well. Works without problems for both short and long turns. Stylish Look Pivot 12 binding to.
Can I imagine buying a pair of so here, felt advanced but still easy run!


Model year: 2001