Elan Magfire 82TI

Elan Magfire 82TI
Category: Piste
Level: Advanced
Brand: Elan
Model year: 2009
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 126/82/109 mm Turning radius: 13.00 m (160 cm)
Sizes: 160,168,176,184 cm
(Official information from Elan)

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11/03/2009 (Modified: 11/03/2009)
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Very good skis on both hard pistes and softer before. Lightweight, soft and twisty skid that is stable and with a very good ice grip for that width. Works well in both long turns and short presses in the turns. Since the skid is relatively soft, you do not need much power to get relatively short carvings. In addition to the piste, I also tested the skis in Swedish classic forest skiing with 1 dm loose and I thought the skis were very pretty and easy to get around in the turns.

For the type of ride I have imagined, I can not see any, ie riding in Sweden in blending conditions between hard pist and moderate amounts of sneezing.

A ski that suits me and my weight class very well. A perfect all-round ski.

Riding style: Mixed piste and offpiste
Length on the ski: 176 cm
Riders weight: 71 kg
Riders length: 170 cm

Kjell (Guest)
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Fits both short and long turns in the piste. Easily crosses from edge to edge.

Found none of the two short days of the rides but just kept me in the slopes.

One of the better skis I went on later. Asked these skis for two days after switching from 8cm longer 82TIX which I thought was slower to ride on. May depend on the length or that they fit my ride poorer. Other favorites are Völkl Racetiger and unlimited AC4, both better than this ski for me.

Riders weight: 108 kg
Riders length: 179 cm