Elan Speedwave 8 Fusion

Elan Speedwave 8 Fusion
Category: Piste
Level: Medium
Brand: Elan
Model year: 2007
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 115/69/103 mm Turning radius: 10.80 m (152 cm)
Sizes: 152,160,168,176 cm
Price: 599 $
Manufacturers description
The new revolutionary pist carver from Elan. Speedwave 8 targets the average skier. Elan invented a brand never seen technology called the Waveflex technology that no other ski manufacturer can offer. The waveflex technology gives you the chance to switch from short to long turn in a split second. Waveflex is the new patented, ISPO award winning concept that takes the skier to the next generation of skiing. A fibreglass woodcore reinforces the ski and gives it a soft flex in combination with the tosional strength gives you a dynamic, explosive, and stabile feeling on the snow. With a fully integrated FUSION bindings system, you can be sure to be ready to hit the slopes prepared for the ultimate skiing day.

(Official information from Elan)

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pat foley
pat foley (Guest)
after breaking 2 pairs of atomic izor ti ato 07 with in 3 weeks i was happy that the elan speed wave 8 held up the fat front is nice in powder for a mid width shape ski and the edge is fair to great on icer areas

could use a more agressive edge and a bit tighter feel but all around i wish they were a bit lighter a tiny bit on the heavy side but that is going off of the atomic nanos witch are carbonfiber

a good all around ski ok in powder and some what agressive on groomed trails. what it comes down to is there very good but they are not k2 apachy rangers

Riding style: from pa ice to out of bounds skiing on the kicten wall in stowe vt
Length on the ski: 168 cm
Riders weight: 127 kg
Riders length: 6 cm