Extrem Project 100

All mountain
Level: Advanced
Brand: Extrem
Modelyear: 2018

Manufacturers description
Weight: 1980 gram

Length (cm) Tip/Waist/Tail (mm) Weight (g) Radius (m)
172 132/100/122 1980 17.00
179 133/100/123 2070 18.00
186 134/100/124 2230 19.00
193 135/100/125 2290 20.00
(Official information from Extrem)

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7 reviews
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Very good response when pushing the ski. Flexible. Do not flutter on oily surfaces. Cut through most. Easy to get rid of. Speed ​​Stable. Release the turns without knocking and entering the next turn. Ready for short as well as long turns without any fuss. Playful skis if you have the energy to press at higher speeds. Feels reliable and safe without surprises. To resemble a mountain locomotive or a safe but sharp Volvo in XC performance.

Almost no view from the slope and stiffness of the ski. However, always looking for a skid just below 90mm width that behaves like a 100mm width when I want it. But it's still just a beautiful utopia.

I laughed at the first turns when I tested this model in 179cm in Åre. It gave happiness, though I'm very hard-fledged. Also tested the P90 but it gave a completely different ski experience that was not convinced. P100 is the way to go.

Riding style: Feel free to fast and fast offpiste / piste
Length on the ski: 179 cm
Riders weight: 86 kg
Riders length: 182 cm

Pelle (Guest)
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A timetable, stable and safe but at the same time easy to get in, turns out everywhere, no matter before.

I find none, the ski suits me perfectly.
A lighter rider might think that they are too stable.

After 3 years at Völkl Mantra, they were bought. A lift for skiing.

Model year: 2016
Riding style: Aggresive rides, high speed and large turns are varied with short turns and adventures. Of course, a lot of time is spent in the piste, but as soon as conditions permit, I'm outside.
Length on the ski: 193 cm
Riders weight: 100 kg
Riders length: 191 cm

Richard (Guest)
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Cruel in the piste, yet a decent flow in the powder.

The skis are really good at high speeds because they have a pretty hard flex. Nothing flatters even though I have burned down the slopes for over 100 km / h.

They also cut through the hills in the afternoon without difficulty and make skiing on all kinds of surfaces a pleasure, even the transport distances.

Because the skis have a rather hard flex and very little underneath the foot, it is possible that the skis are a bit boring unless you press.

Lacking a little edge on very steep slopes with ice.

Cruel skiing about the main area of ​​use is Sweden. They have absolute flexibility to float on top of most of Sweden's offerings. But if you want to go to Japan and go to the pillows, a wider skiing is a better choice.

Do not buy the P100 if you only want to go golfing, but for those who like challenges and see skiing as a sport and something you can develop in, you can definitely buy them.

The P100 is a more pistinated all-mountain ski but works awesome everywhere!

Model year: 2016
Riding style: Piste, powder
Length on the ski: 179 cm
Riders weight: 78 kg
Riders length: 175 cm

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Secure carv, easy to force into short turns and release pressures to the crossbar. Even on hard surfaces.
Decent flow in pillows
Cut through the toes and slush comfortably.
The best charge from the ski comes at high speeds.

Can be perceived to miss life unless one is on.

I travel between 20-30 days in the mountains or the alps, as well as a number of evenings in Hammarbybacken or Flottsbro a year. Is an experienced stable skier who likes power racing, please under the tricky bow.

The choice was to buy P100, 186cm as a daily ski because I am partly tall and heavy, partly because with two, three or three kids in the piste I never know how much or how little I can load. The choice of length 186 instead of 193 was made with the reason that I see mainly pistachio and harvested pist as the primary field of application. I have so far traveled with them under all conditions except idiot brant with ice.

With the curly damping at the bottom, the ski makes what I want and never flatters. It's comfortable and has worked throughout the season's different types of snow and bow. The edge grip is good but not brutal, which I do not need from this ski.

With all the metal and dampening in the ski, a little bit of life is taken at lower speeds and pure sledding, but if you actively play and maintain the ski, it will respond well even when it's slower. On the other hand, you can not buy a P100 for snail and Sunday driving.

I had the best experiences with the P100 when there has been an unprecedented pist / offpist and spring break. That's when it shows its best features and gives the most fun pleasure, then it's FANTASTIC for a 100kg + skipper (with equipment). The skid intersects any raised piles if you want or give proper air if you go straight, the charge in the skull on the bumps and puckles is superb.

I understand that there are average skiers who can master the ski, but to make full use of the ski's capacity, you should be at a fairly advanced level.

The score is overall somewhere between 4 and 5.

Model year: 2015
Riding style: Charger Ski Happiness

Discokaj (Guest)
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High speed stability, impressive factor, ride joy everywhere and relatively low weight for its length.

Not superquick from edge to edge. But it comes with width and length.

Sure you do not go fastest in a slalom with these. But is that the idea? NOPE!
Shit in the way so you do not have to hurry. Find an open normal backhill and ride a full day with a giant league when you get home. Take the helicopter on a mountain the next day with the same ski on the shoulder.
If these skis were a car, there was probably a Porsche Cayenne Turbo or a Range Rover of the latest model.
Sick fast with a crazy grip on all surfaces except blue.

Model year: 2014
Riding style: Pistons, pillows

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Allround, just wide to work for everything.
Just a long radius according to me.
Made in Sweden.

Bad ice grip

Tried these in Åre in February, thought they would be awesome after positive reviews in Åka Skidor. Was not at all impressed, lifeless and boring without a real deal of ice.

Model year: 2014
Riding style: Pist & Pillows with speed
Length on the ski: 186 cm
Riders weight: 82 kg
Riders length: 180 cm

13/03/2014 (Modified: 14/03/2014)
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Tested both 186 cm and 193 cm.
Both lengths felt stable in the carv, easy to initiate turn, easy to hold in the carv, easy to release the turn (hasa). Gripped well on hard surfaces as long as you keep the pressure. Went well in slasksnö (of course) and mixed hard / soft.

Not much. Some clay is restored when loading the ski and changing the edges. Can possibly due to the relatively strong (for the slate type) tailrockern plus (too?) very attenuation. Felt a little "dead" sometimes required activity, speed and work to deliver its best. The 186 was known (... of course!) Short in relation to the 193s. The decor, is it nice? ...No! It was nicer 2013 !.

Ridged as both 186 and 193 cm.
The ski slope was clearly mixed this day, semi-hard on with a little heavy snowy snow 5-10 cm in the morning, with rising temp (to about + 8-10), the usual heights of grumpy wet hard snow, with planar lots of soft or worn . No cushions !. However, the width of the ski was very good today!

The more I went in 193, the more I liked it. Do not stupid at all! Quiet performance even when loaded. In some situations maybe a bit in the quietest team, but then I compare with my Hendryx Funk 182 cm in the same width class. They also have a very similar construction (metal-wood-metal + rubber and fibers and other joks). However, the fun has a brutal grip, kicking significantly more at the turn of the turn (lower rocker?) ... a little unfair comparison maybe.

The P100 is a very nice acquaintance! It is comfortable, has capacity for many different types of snow, fits in a lot, shelter in long runs, racing in artificial snow racing and most likely even pure powder shooting. Do not be fooled by those sharp but really good!

Model year: 2014
Riding style: Race-inspired pistachio, offpiste when offered
Length on the ski: 193 cm
Riders weight: 92 kg
Riders length: 183 cm