Fischer PROGRESSOR 900

Fischer PROGRESSOR 900
Category: Piste
Level: Medium
Brand: Fischer
Modelyear: 2013
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 121/75/104 mm Turning radius: 13.00 m (170 cm)
Sizes: 160,165,170,175,180 cm
(Official information from Fischer)

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Quick and fun skiing to go on. Stable even in long turns.


Good grip and lovely to go on in both short and long turns.

Model year: 2012
Riding style: Piste
Length on the ski: 170 cm
Riders weight: 84 kg
Riders length: 169 cm

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Perfect pistol crusher that delivers in proportion to what you put in. Works both in relaxed crusing as in active steep drift. Extremely large flexibular in swing radius, delivering both short and long turns on clean cut. Easy-to-load but it's definitely the best in the edge of carving wings.

Not as accurate, grip-proof and speed-stable as a more racing-mounted ski. (But much more forgiving.) Will be right if it runs more on technology than raw power. Not the first choice for those who want a "ladderskida"!

The feeling in the ski is very crispy with a close snow contact. Extremely easy to get into short short turns while being stable in larger turns. However, if you are used to more subdued structures, some driving may be needed to utilize the full potential of the ski.

Initially, I was very confused and it was not far enough for me to put it on Buy & Sell. Awesome entertaining in slimmer backs, but I did not really get it when it burned on, and then the ski felt nervous and unstable. Thankfully, I gave the ski another chance and discovered to my pleasure that with a more active driving and distinctive tilting it delivers it even at high speed in steep batches.

Perfect punch side for those who want something less demanding and more forgiving than a more racing-driven ski without losing too much in performance.

Progressive concept means that the ski has two swing radii. My ski in 180 cm is marked with 14/19 which, if I understood it correctly, means that the front of the ski has a cutting radius of 14 meters with the back part having 19 meters. Seems to work in practice for more flexible turning radius I have not experienced on any skiing. Very easy to press in the slalom shortening while the ski also holds the grip in more magnificent luminous lines!

The apparent weakness of the ski is marked by hard-knit surfaces where the slightly dampened construction (compared with rack saw) gives a nervous impression. Can compensate to some extent with a certain active ride style, but it feels that the skis are not race.

In grades definitely worth a five (5) for those looking for a pistol cruiser but if you want to load and are more race oriented, a more subdued construction is preferable. Hence four (4).

In summary, a hugely flexible and comfortable ski piste crossing at different speeds and turns for anyone who wants something more comfortable and forgiving than a race race.

Model year: 2012
Riding style: Unskilled but safe. Outpoured (cushions, diapers, cloves, stones, whatever ...) and pistocrossing.
Length on the ski: 180 cm
Riders weight: 92 kg
Riders length: 186 cm