Fischer Ranger 99 Ti

Fischer Ranger 99 Ti
Category: All mountain
Level: Advanced
Brand: Fischer
Modelyear: 2020
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 130/97/121 mm Turning radius: 18.00 m Weight: 1950 gram (181 cm)
Sizes: 174,181,188 cm
(Official information from Fischer)

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Mike (Guest)
Racer DNA slalom ski.


Skied this on hard pack with some ice and it excelled on steep and fast black diamond pistes. What a thrill to ski. Get on it and it delivers.

Model year: 2021
Riding style: Piste, hard pack, I groomed.
Length on the ski: 175 cm
Riders weight: 127 kg

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About the ski: Fischer Ranger 99 Ti a ski that is more speed oriented than playful. Moderate skiing, race: ig in character. Titanium in the middle of the ski, lighter material at the top. Fischer's second line FR is more playful and poppy, but the Ti series is better on harder surfaces. A perfect ski for every day in for example Åre.

Emma: - A fun ski. I went on this one right after the Black Diamond Boundary Pro 100 and they experience a bit similar. But I like this better. You can spoon on whether it is smooth or up, no freeride experience, but feels tough and speed stable. No tail rocker on it. A ski that feels best in piste and hard snow. A speed stable ski that can handle all types of piste. Rating 4.

Max: - Really stiff, I always say, but they were! Feels like an almountain ski that needs a lot of speed. Would have liked them if I were to run NM type, ie icy off piste they would shine on. Rating 3.5

Olle: - This one goes like the train, today's charger! They wanted to go home and switch to real race boots to bring down the power of these skis. I thought you could stand on these rocks and dare to push through them. It was poor visibility so do not know how they go off piste, but just because I do not know, they get 4.5 in rating.


Model year: 2020