G3 SEEKr 100

G3 SEEKr 100
Category: Ski touring
Brand: G3
A stable but playful ski for all types of snow conditions such as hard wind packed snow on the Calf mountain or glacier, icy or soft spring snow, this top touring ski is perfect for it. It is light and flexible on both long and short trips as the weight is only 1470 g (178cm). An all-round ski with a slightly longer rocker profile that gives you very good flow when it's powder. Magnets in the coating make the skis easy to handle and minimize the use of ski straps.

Lengths: 162 cm 170 cm 178 cm 186 cm
Weight (kg): 1.33 kg 1.39 kg 1.46 kg 1.54 kg
Radius: 14.5m 16.4m 18.3m 20.2m
Tip/waist/tail width: 132/100/120 mm


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  • G3 SEEKr 100 photo
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-In heavily turbulent conditions it becomes unstable and course unstable.

The G3 SEEKr has been my go-to ski for 3 years and I've generally been really happy with it.
It is a ski that is 50/50 uphill-downhill oriented, short radius and low weight make it playful and more of a short-turn/comforter ski than something you charge big runs with.
Wind-swept and uneven/hard snow is its biggest weakness, otherwise it fixes most things.

Rek mounting point: about -6.5cm behind true center.
Flex: 7-10-8
Number of driving days: 100+
Bindings: Dynafit St Rotation/ G3 Zed 12
Boots: Salomon Mtn Lab 120/ Dynafit Hoji free 110

Year model: 2019
Riding style: Top ride, powder, piste
Tested length: 178 cm
Rider weight: 73 kg
Rider's height: 180 cm