Head Jimi 110

Head Jimi 110
Category: Offpist / Freeride
Level: Advanced
Brand: Head
Modelyear: 2011
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 130/110/120 mm Turning radius: 32.00 m (181 cm)
Sizes: 181 cm
(Official information from Head)

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Pete Perera
Pete Perera (Guest)
Go anywhere ski

There are literally none, charge anywhere any time

Great everyday ski, perfect for a week if you can only take one pair. My most used skis

Model year: 2010
Riding style: Freeride
Length on the ski: 181 cm
Riders weight: 90 kg
Riders length: 188 cm

31/01/2012 (Modified: 18/02/2012)
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-ALLROUND, it works for everything
The grip was better than I thought given that it is a 110 mm pudder on the waist
Failure of early loser and rocker gives the ski a more traditional feel, a bit like soft GS layer in the piste.
Easy to predict / predictable with a rather soft flex.

-For some rocks, in deep snow there is only one thing to do to float and it is to drive with a certain backward weight, but once they get up in planing they float.
-Long radius, the radius does not really feel like 32m, probably because they are quite soft, but it is still quite far, however, it does not affect deep cushioning, but mostly if you drive on the slopes.

The skis are summarized well with the word allround. Works in everything from harder pistons to a few dm new snow, is relatively playful and windy and therefore fits well as skiing for Sweden. The big drawback is that the rocker is so low that it's barely visible if you do not squeeze the skis against each other and in 2010 there are other skis that perform better thanks to the advantages more rocker (+ lose) gives in particular loosens / cushions, so I have a little hard to see any real target group, more than brandy or people who do not want so much rocker and are looking for a lightweight powder-paved all-round ski run for Sweden.
Then you can say what you want about the graphics, I think it's almost ugly.

Model year: 2010
Riding style: 50-60% powder / BC jibb, 30-40% piste and 10% park
Length on the ski: 181 cm
Riders weight: 70 kg
Riders length: 179 cm