Head KORE 117

Head KORE 117
Category: Offpist / Freeride
Level: Advanced
Brand: Head
Modelyear: 2022
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 145/117/129 mm Turning radius: 24.60 m Weight: 2170 gram (184 cm)
Sizes: 177,184,191 cm
Manufacturers description
Ahead of the 21/22 season, Kore 117 is completely updated. The ski has been given even lower weight, new cutting, new construction and a new length range. All this to make the ski even more fun, more stable and give more riding pleasure. The ski's construction is a combination of Graphene, several layers of carbon and a mixed wood core of Karupa and Poplar wood. This is the recipe for success for a light ski with incredibly high performance. Kore 117 is the ski for you who are looking for a freeride ski with great versatility for all adventures.
Multilayer-Carbon Sandwich Cap Construction
KARUBA-Poplar Light Weight Wood Core
Topless Tech
Structured UHM C Base
Tip-Tail Rocker "

(Official information from Head)

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  • Head KORE 117 photo
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05/01/2019 (Modified: 07/01/2019)
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Turning stiff despite the width.
Safe at higher speeds.
Relatively sustainable topsheet.

Tired at low speed.
Recommended mounting point far behind.

Driving style: 50-80 days / season, of which 40% playful piste, 30% lift-borne off-piste, and 30% peak trip.

Tested the ski in a rainy year during the pre-season. This meant that I only got the chance to try them in varied before in the piste, such as soft slush bumps mixed with more icy parts.

Think the ski is fun when it is possible to keep up the speed. I have previously thought that many skis with similar width can be perceived as unsafe when standing, but no matter how messy it is in front of the skis, they never feel worried.

For me, who has a fairly playful riding style, the shape of the nose fits well. In spite of the myth, it feels like they are easy to get around in smaller rotations. If this is due to whether the ski is easy or if the shape makes it feel smooth, I cannot say anything yet, but I do not perceive it as clumsy at all.

At lower speeds, the ski feels rather lifeless and tired. Therefore, Kore 117 will not be the first choice if I will just give myself out and Cruisa a few hours a day.

My ski boot ends +4 from recommended and it's somewhere between +2 and +4 I'd rather have sat. If the recommended mounting point is very far behind the tail, and if they had been mounted, they would most likely have been less playful and less suitable for my type of ride when I was riding a lift.

The skis I tested were riding for about 10 days and although you can see some wear on the topsheet I do not think it is as fragile as some other brands. One picture shows the most worn part of the skis which, as I said, is not much wear for 10 days of skiing.

If I buy the ski I do it to supplement the current set of skis (waist between 95 and 110) to get more flow in deep snow and a loaded alpine ski. Had I had anything to say to Head I had asked for some movement of the midpoint on the waist forward, as well as a slightly softer tail. Now I do not have it, but I have to settle for the skis that they are, and that is most probably good enough.

Model year: 2019
Length on the ski: 189 cm
Riders weight: 75 kg
Riders length: 180 cm

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Head seems to have found a magic recipe for his new series Kore. A ski in each category on the top 7 lists says most. Not unexpectedly, it's carving qualities that are not so great at this ski, while flow and versatility were liked by the test boys. Tip & tail rocker with traditional span under foot.
Rating: 8.86