Head KORE 93

Head KORE 93
Category: All mountain
Level: Advanced
Brand: Head
Modelyear: 2020
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 133/93/115 mm Turning radius: 16.40 m Weight: 1745 gram (180 cm)
Sizes: 153,162,171,180,189 cm
(Official information from Head)

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Little brother has obviously inherited the characteristics of the big brother, 105mm. It is a ski that feels quite dead under foot. This slightly narrower variant, however, felt significantly better than the broader variant in comparison. Unlike the 105mm version, the slim variant had a hint of edge grip and the ski was actually good in the back's troublesome bouts. Its properties in the lots where the snow is formed into puckles can be somewhat resembled the characteristics of a trolley, even though its tanks have been captured from a very soft tanks.

Riding style: Pist and stable offpiste
Length on the ski: 180 cm
Riders weight: 74 kg
Riders length: 174 cm

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Kore 93 is the least in Head's new, highly-rated series. The wider variations are 105 and 117 millimeters. A core of Graphene, Koroyd and Karubaträ for the ski easily, but at the same time stable and attenuated. Head actually seems to have succeeded in concluding a slight slide without compromising on its characteristics. The Kore series has also received good grades and reviews in other ski tests, such as the American newspaper Powder. Kore 93 is intended for allmountain in the ski resort's piste and offpiste, but also for the top trip. The ski has a mustache rocker, ie rocks in the tips & tail with a bucket underneath the foot.
Rating: 8.75