Head KORE 93

Head KORE 93
Category: All mountain
Level: Advanced
Brand: Head
Modelyear: 2022
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 133/93/115 mm Turning radius: 16.40 m Weight: 1745 gram (177 cm)
Sizes: 156,163,170,177,184,191 cm
Manufacturers description
Ahead of the 21/22 season, Kore 93 is completely updated. The ski has been given even lower weight, new cutting, new construction and a new length range. The ski's construction is a combination of Graphene, several layers of carbon and a mixed wood core of Karupa and Poplar wood. This is the recipe for success for a light ski with incredibly high performance. Kore 93 is one of HEAD's most versatile skis and a real test favorite. With Kore 93's light construction and torsional rigidity, you bring the complete mix of a stable and fun ski that takes you all over the mountain. As the ski is very dynamic and torsionally rigid, it can handle all elements of skiing, such as piste, slush, powder and summit hikes. In summary: with Kore 93 under your feet, you feel at home in any terrain.

Multilayer-Carbon Sandwich Cap Construction
KARUBA-Poplar Light Weight Wood Core
Topless Tech
Structured UHM C Base
Tip-Tail Rocker

(Official information from Head)

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4 reviews
snowskier (Guest)
exceptional all mountain ski.

Not made for deep powder days

Very easy to ski. Great edge grip and control. This is a light ski, so your legs do not hurt at the end of the day after skiing the heavy beasts with lots of metal. It does everything well

Model year: 2020
Riding style: groomers 75, piste 20, park 5
Length on the ski: 180 cm
Riders weight: 70 kg
Riders length: 180 cm

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Just as Solomon has two widths of the QST series on this leaderboard, so does Head two different widths of the KORE series. Kore 93 year model 2020 is still one of the shining stars in this category. Despite its narrow waist and supple nature, the 93 is an Ardennes horse when it comes to strength and stability, thanks to its graphene, coroyd and carbon fiber construction. Test carrier quotes: “Swings stable as a high-speed train, stable and controlled, but can at the same time take some air in high father turns at super high speeds, completely stable and in control, can take a jump or a drop and push the power from it into in the next turn "and" I really love this ski. Put it on edge in turn, and the ski will blow you into the future.
Rating: 8.70

Model year: 2020
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Little brother has obviously inherited the characteristics of the big brother, 105mm. It is a ski that feels quite dead under foot. This slightly narrower variant, however, felt significantly better than the broader variant in comparison. Unlike the 105mm version, the slim variant had a hint of edge grip and the ski was actually good in the back's troublesome bouts. Its properties in the lots where the snow is formed into puckles can be somewhat resembled the characteristics of a trolley, even though its tanks have been captured from a very soft tanks.

Riding style: Pist and stable offpiste
Length on the ski: 180 cm
Riders weight: 74 kg
Riders length: 174 cm

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Kore 93 is the smallest in Head's new, much talked about series. The wider variants are 105 and 117 millimeters. A core of Graphene, Koroyd and Karuba wood for the lightweight, yet stable and subdued. In fact, Head seems to have succeeded in making the piece easy to ski without compromising its performance. The Kore series has also received good ratings and ratings in other ski tests, such as the American magazine Powder. Kore 93 is intended for the almountain in the ski resort and off-piste, but also then for the top trip. The ski has a mustachrocker, ie rocker in the tip & tail with a bucket under the foot.
Rating: 8.75

Model year: 2018