Head KORE 99

Head KORE 99
Category: All mountain
Level: Professional
Brand: Head
Modelyear: 2022
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 134/99/120 mm Turning radius: 17.00 m Weight: 1780 gram (180 cm)
Sizes: 156,163170,177,184,191 cm
Manufacturers description
Ahead of the 21/22 season, the Kore 99 is completely updated. The ski has been given even lower weight, new cutting, new construction and a new length range. The ski's construction is a combination of Graphene, several layers of carbon and a mixed wood core of Karupa and Poplar wood. This is the recipe for success for a light ski with incredibly high performance. Kore 99 is one of HEAD's most versatile skis and a real test favorite. With Kore 99's light construction and torsional rigidity, you get the complete mix of a stable and fun ski that takes you all over the mountain. As the ski is very dynamic and torsionally rigid, it can handle all elements of skiing, such as piste, slush, powder and summit hikes. In summary: with Kore 99 under your feet, you feel at home in any terrain.
Multilayer-Carbon Sandwich Cap Construction
KARUBA-Poplar Light Weight Wood Core
Topless Tech
Structured UHM C Base
Tip-Tail Rocker

(Official information from Head)

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While the design of the popular KORE series remains unchanged compared to last season, the 99 millimeter wide Kore 99 is still a ski that is appreciated by the test-takers. Its lightweight tractors of karuba, the use of graphene (carbon atoms arranged in chicken netting patterns) which together makes Kore 99 a robust, reliable and lightweight ship that navigates you through all possible terrain and before. Rocker front and back, buckle under foot makes skiing a real omnivore. Rider Quote: “Felt like I had rockets under my feet. One of the absolute best all-round skis! "And" Very reliable and stable, lightweight and versatile as seventeen! You can do anything with these. "
Rating: 8.80

Model year: 2020
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It behaves differently depending on where you drive it, I thought it was sad. In the offpiste, it had much better features and was more fun. At higher speeds, it was stable and subdued, but it was not so cool turning. Grade 4.