Hendryx Voodoo Child

Hendryx Voodoo Child
Category: All mountain
Level: Advanced
Brand: Hendryx
Modelyear: 2015
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 139/97/133 mm Turning radius: 15.00 m Weight: 1858 gram (172 cm)
Sizes: 172,182 cm
(Official information from Hendryx)

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Niclas (Guest)
Fast. Good climb to the top of the powder.

15m rad Couple have been 13m

Awesome weapons for all mountain. Sweet in pow, and fast when u reach the pist.

Model year: 2015
Riding style: Pow
Length on the ski: 172 cm
Riders weight: 80 kg
Riders length: 178 cm

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An absolutely fantastic ski that fits most bow and snow conditions. Powerful in the piste with wonderful grip. plojer funt in through the fields and puckles when the bradhas angel has come.

The ice grip is surpassed in the piste only by his sibling Hendryx 917.

A cruel allmountain ski that I hope will return when and if Henrik Luthman begins to build skis again.

Riding style: Pist and Pillows
Length on the ski: 172 cm
Riders weight: 70 kg
Riders length: 169 cm

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As an old racing driver, I have been living in pure piste skiing for a long time, because I mostly go to the piste. My own ski home is a pair of Stöckli SL with waistband of 63 mm. In other words, I'm used to pressing really, preferably in hard pistons.

More and more I have started watching allmountain skiing because my skis are completely worn when it starts to grow up for lunch. I have previously tested Rossignol Experience 83 (love) and Dynastar Legend 85 (like this). When I was given the opportunity to test a couple of Hendryx Voodoo a week in the Alps, expectations were tudelade. Of course, I had read all the lyrical comments about Hendryx that are available all over the net. But would they suit me? How would a waist of 97mm work to squeeze in a piste?

The answer was hardly expected. Even the first time we were the best friends. Then they took me through the Austrian Alps like on rails, regardless of manschester morning or mistery afternoon. In short: if you're in control of its carving technology, just sit down and go.

A nice comment from a friend, even him with a contest background: "Then I'm almost annoying around." Yes, I've never been so round, nice turns with a couple of skis before.

That would be speed stability then. As I have understood, Hendryx Voodoo is a slightly softened variant of the 917 worst-case model. When properly leaned, one had to really compensate for something that my leg muscles did not really bother with forever.

The first time you put yourself on a pair of Hendryx Voodoo just think about putting the edge and driving. They do not want to go wings and the more you squeeze the better they are in the swing. It's just to turn them up and go with them. At the beginning of the week I was not fully familiar with them and dared not squeeze them fully. The more I got to know them, the more I understood that they forgave everything. It's just about daring to squeeze. The most fun thing was that the speed can be checked very well. Riding turns has never been more fun.

Model year: 2012
Riding style: Pist, little pillows
Length on the ski: 182 cm
Riders weight: 85 kg
Riders length: 183 cm

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+ Kvick
+ Easy

- At higher speed in piste a stiffer ski would be preferable
"If I drove exclusively alps, a broader Hendryx would be the option

As ex. "old school racing rider" I have learned about the technology since the carving ski came (which coincided with my 5 years in Switzerland). Especially with the skis and carva hard.

Over the years, Völkl has had a lot of fun, mainly Mantra. I would like to go skiing again, but then I'm having fun and free time with free space and free speed.
In Swedish mountains among dwarf birches it's too hard for me!

What I appreciate at Voodoo is that I can easily stand in the forest skiing as the ski is rap and answers right away. The duckstance assembly of the tie is another feature that makes it much easier to get pressure on both skis at the entrance and end of the turn in the piste.

I've tried 917 from Hendryx, which is a "harder variant of Voodoo" and 917 is a real pistol missile, but as I constantly look for me outside the piste, whether it's among dwarf birches or in the alps, I prefer Voodoo.

Model year: 2010
Length on the ski: 182 cm
Riders weight: 82 kg
Riders length: 182 cm

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Have finished my first week on my Voodoo Child. The week was spent in vemdalen / bjørnrike from everything from ice piste to Swedish fluff (ie 3-4 dm pads) through perfect manchester and spring snow.

The biggest reason I bought a pair of Voodoo Child is that I was looking for the ultimate allround ski. Allround for me means that I primarily want a skate for offpist / pillows, but that will also work well in piste. Another reason was that Mr. Henr (yx) I Luthman recommended these skis after I sent my claim specification to him, although I was initially looking for Voodoo Child 182 that was no longer manufactured. Worth mentioning is perhaps that I was driving my mind at the earliest. Völkl Mantra 184 & Stöckli Stormrider DP 186.

Review pillows:
The skis were tested during approximately: 10 yard in the björnrike in the forest trench that runs from the top of the blisterfjäll down the valley between the blisterfjellet and the middle ridge, giving a ridge of approximately 200 (?) Fall height meters in approximately 30-40 gr of slope. In the morning the snow was almost untouched 3-4 dm pads, but after my ten yesterday was quite raised by me and some others. Also found a number of forest seeds under them. the same day.
Although the skis are soft, light and quite fat and therefore should work fine in pillows, I was a little skeptical that 172 cm would be enough for my 78 kg. But so wrong you can have! After the second yard, I felt I was quite able to ski on the skis, and despite the relatively short length, standing in the middle of the skis and just burning like f-n and surfing down the mountain without a tendency to dive! Feel more of the advantage of short skis when the forest became a bit denser than the disadvantage of more or less open spaces. Have never before experienced such a playfulness and skiing pleasure !!!
The short swing radius makes sure the skis are very light-weighted and the rest is to see how these light-weighted ones turn into an 11th. However, nothing I strive for.

Review pist:
The first day / first ride offered a perfect manchester pist without an ice spot as far as the eye could reach. As usual, I felt a little skeptical about the fact that these soft, lightweight and rather fat skis would go as ridden in pistons like Mr. Luthman and others. had said ... Sure, I thought they would work, but never that they would whip cleaned pistons like I previously owned / tested. After a few days I just thought: How f-n is possible !? Whenever it goes, and how hard I'm pushing the skis, they are always in perfect cutting and do not show an attachment to fold or start flattering! However, you must have a "cut headwind" in the spine so that the skis will work optimally in the piste ie. nothing for you who is in the technology "steady swing wrench". It is worth mentioning (as also previous years reviews of VC shown) that the skid is glued to its swing radius (15 m) and that is the case. quite difficult to change the turning radius. This is easily explained by the fact that the skid is so soft and directly conforms to its turning radius when pressed.
Also had the opportunity to test the skis in a hot pist after a day of plus degrees that later froze until night. But the same thing there ... As long as you have the technology, the skis go on like rails!

Review Park:
Is absolutely no park rush, but in spite of this, I managed to get my first 360 at the age of 31 ;-) Would probably say that the skis are easy to beat because I previously made half-hearted attempts on other skis without success ...

In conclusion, I would add that I gave my Völkl Mantra -05 the grade 5/5 as allround / offpiste skiing and therefore had distributed a sex to Voodoo Child if I could ;-)

Model year: 2008
Riding style: Powder-piste
Length on the ski: 172 cm
Riders weight: 78 kg
Riders length: 175 cm

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Fantastico !!!
Have been on a couple of VC for 2 weeks in total.
Quite different to what I did before (Dynastar pro legend, Bandit xXXx, G41, Völkl explosive)
The ski really works in ALL conditions!
From icey offpiste to really soft.
Just on ice, I do not realize how it's like that, felt almost "scary" the first time ... the skid went on like new rails.
In pillows and in the woods it's a dream, easy-going as few. Stora swings in max speed both inside and outside the pist, yes, what should you write? It just goes and goes, not an attachment to nervousness there not.
So now, the big manufacturers will be able to watch out. Having once got to know what I felt, all other skis are quite uninteresting!
Will be incredibly exciting to "put on" a pair of Rhino Chaser :)

Model year: 2006
Riding style: Big mountain offpist-piste park
Length on the ski: 192 cm
Riders weight: 88 kg
Riders length: 177 cm

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I have now tested something as exciting as a new Swedish ski mark, Hendryx Skis. For anyone who loves all types of skiing but especially to go anywhere and take advantage of the terrain to the extreme, I recommend you to read on. The test was done in Funäsdalen (Tänndalen and Ramundberget) in half-year to hard-groomed pistons, ice-cream pistons and, later after a dump, in deep but slightly heavy loins (Tänndalen) and puddles in the brook ramvin (Ramundberget).

Hendryx Skis claims on his website that with these skis you can go more like a wave surfer, be more in symbiosis with the terrain than to, as with regular skis, cross over it. Is this just a snack or ....?

A month ago, I was at Henrik's home and squeezed the skis in the living room and have to say I was a little disappointed. They look like skiing, feels like skiing and seem to be skiing. Nothing new at all! Well, they are lighter and wider than most of the skis I've seen but nothing revolutionary. Comparing to the first time I saw Zag. Then it felt that this ski was a new concept, which then did not work very well when riding. Well, the design has Henrik put a lot of effort on and whether it's nice or not a flavor. I do not buy skis for design myself, but according to the way they go, but it is clear that the design is different. In room lighting, the Rhino Chasern is not remarkable, Voodoo Child is very nice while Funkalstic is ........ yes, be not good. So far, nothing remarkable.

Now out in the snow !!

The design changes in sunlight so that Rhinon is very nice, Voodoon Sisådär and Funkalistic, I never tried so I can not judge.

Step in the Voodoo Child 192 and head off to the elevator. It's almost about to fall when Henrik has rolled the lipstick twice, and the skirt is so soft that at first stroke I bend the skid in front of the tie and is biting, instead of slipping away. So far the ski is completely different, but good ?? Henrik has warned that the ski runs as a spear in a piste but now it is up to evidence. Purses in hard-groomed pistons with a pair of asbreda soft pillows and ...... run the shirt of Huddinge Slalomklubb's race-rider. Voodoo Child with a swing radius of 19 meters is like a spit in ice piste !! It is stable and stuck in turns even in changing before, ice, hard snow, packed snow, etc. I promise I would do well with me in Storslalom SM with these layers. This is a sensation !! The skis are wide, light and soft, something that was previously considered completely wrong in ice piste. The fact remains, my 198 cm Völkl G41 is clearly worse in the piste.

The next day there is a dumped Swedish dump of 30 cm, and in loose snow, Voodoon is the off-peak of the year. You can drive anywhere with total control. Point-and-Shoot lag has never been a better epithet. They are so stable, the tips never cut wrong, put the turn 10 cm from the mountain birch without worrying about breaking the ribs. Drive straight down between densely growing birches and discover an obstacle. Throw back and bend the back ends to slow down, then throw yourself aside and never worry that the tips cut down or wrong. Because as the skid is soft, the joints raise and control the tips exactly where you want. Take advantage of the terrain's obstacles and make turns wherever you want. Great!

Okay, now it's comparing to other layers. I've been running Ross Bandit XXX, Völkl G4, Ak Launcher, Atomic Big Daddy, Nordica Beast in Squaw Valley and Jackson Hole, and I can guarantee nobody has been near Hendryx.

What then makes the difference?

Wide skis should of course be in pillows, but how about piste as well as soft skis in general? That the skid is soft makes the tips never cut down and you can count on the ski in all offpiste terrain. In piste, the softness probably makes the turn bend just after the lateral cut, just as you put it on the edge. It sits like the mountain of ice and you can lay down like a snowboarder on the racetrack in the turns. A further surprise is that, despite softness and ease, the ski is never experienced as fluttery or nervous.

Then tested Rhino Chasern (182), and it was a bit surprising, even more lively in the lance but still sharp in a sharp piste.

Any disadvantages then? None that I can come up with, let me not test them in big turns and high speed type Chamonic or LaGrave but they should go well even there. You may not want to challenge Hermann Maier, but on the other hand, Swedes can do it at all.

In summary, forget about everything old thinking about tight skis as a norm and change to something new. If you do not want, I have a pair of Völkl G4 to sell.

Model year: 2006
Riding style: Offpiste
Length on the ski: 192 cm
Riders weight: 100 kg
Riders length: 183 cm