K2 BackLash

K2 BackLash
Category: All mountain
Level: Advanced
Brand: K2
Modelyear: 2011
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 129/92/115 mm Turning radius: 19.00 m Weight: 1750 gram (174 cm)
Sizes: 167,174,181 cm
Manufacturers description
The 2010-11 K2 BackLash strikes the perfect balance for those seeking a resort-worthy ski that’s light enough for all-day tours. A 92 mm waist, superlight wood core, and cap construction combine with the smooth dampness of metal to deliver the versatility to tackle hard or soft conditions on either side of the rope. We’ve added All-Terrain shovel rocker this year to the BackLash Adventure ski which broaden its sweet spot and increase its versatility. And the progressive 16/14 sidecut supplies edge-hold and precision in a variety of turn shapes and conditions regardless of whether you’re dropping your knee or locking your heels.

(Official information from K2)

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pete (Guest)
smooth, good edge hold, predictable

A little heavy for touring

I love them for all around skiing. But use them for side country, not long tours (weight)

Model year: 2011
Riding style: powder , all mountain, a little touring
Length on the ski: 174 cm
Riders weight: 127 kg
Riders length: 172 cm

Dario (Guest)
soft snow
good for short and long turns
stable in velocity but agile yet.


I mounted it with dynafit. Good ski for off piste very good in all snow conditions.
In spring snow is wonderful.
This ski skiis short so I think that long lenghts area better

Model year: 2010
Length on the ski: 181 cm
Riders weight: 81 kg
Riders length: 178 cm

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Slightly fluttery at high speed. Pretty soft but nice forest slice as it was lightweight and simple. Building quality was nothing further. The ski did not even hold the whole season.

Fairly nice skis, though, were a bit thin for my needs. In addition, the gandka was soft and not as lively as the Coomback, which I would NOT recommend. The quality of this ski was not very good, which was found to be broken / bend in a regular case in a piste already during the season. K2 refused to take into account the same thing, meaning that I destroyed the skis. But honestly, skis that do not even stand for a simple fall in a piste, without a drop, stone or the like, are NOT reliable enough to take a break other than just a piste. And in the piste there are really more fun skis than this.

Do not buy! Poor quality and worthless response from K2. I will never buy a K2 skid again!

Riding style: Telemark, pist and exopist
Length on the ski: 181 cm
Riders weight: 75 kg
Riders length: 180 cm